Lou Dobbs Tonight: Georgia Looks to Be Moving to Paper Ballots (VIDEO)

Last Friday, in a Federal Court In Atlanta, Georgia, University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman testified in front of Judge Amy Totenberg’s courtroom about the Dominion voting machines used in the Georgia elections since 2020.

As reported earlier, during his testimony, Halderman was able to HACK A DOMINION VOTING MACHINE and change the tabulations in front of U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg and the entire courtroom!


Lou Dobbs has been covering these explosive developments on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Frank Speech.

Lou Dobbs invited investigative journalist Amber Connor back on his show on Thursday night. Amber is reporting on the developments from inside the Fulton County courtroom this week.

On Thursday Amber told the Lou Dobbs Tonight audience that Georgia may be moving towards paper ballots.

Lou Dobbs: Well, whether Georgia uses election machines that they’ve used for the past six years or not is well going to be decided in a trial underway in Atlanta, Georgia. Tonight, we’re learning more details about the curling versus Roffensberger trial. Citizen journalist Amber Connor has been in the courtroom throughout the proceedings and joins us now with the latest force. Amber, great to see you this evening. So is it your judgment as you’re watching this, Amber, have they introduced tabulators more significantly into this case? Secondly, does it appear that which side seems to be ahead on points with the judge? Is it the state defense of these machines that have been clearly demonstrated to have vulnerabilities, or is it the counterparty to it all?

Amber Connor: I would say the judge is leaning towards the plaintiff’s defense, the occurling and Marilyn marks and coalition for good governance… But the curling plaintiffs are really pushing for only talking about the ballot marking devices. But when the proffers were offered by VoterGA, one thing that seemed to raise her eyebrow was when they had announced that they agreed with Dr. Halderman’s declaration, as well as Professor Starks, which was both the ICP in-person scanner and the ICC Mellon ballot scanners cannot detect photocopied ballots!…

Lou Dobbs: So let me ask you this Halderman demonstrated that machines can be hacked. He demonstrated that the ballot marking device is extraordinarily vulnerable. Then we’re left with the images, we’re left with the tabulators, and somehow it is narrowed to the point that it only would examine the ballot marketing devices. But the machines are obviously vulnerable. Even there is agreement here between the experts for the defense and for the plaintiffs. The reality is that the software fix can’t be put together because it would just take too long. That there is no question that there are vulnerabilities within the what is. It seems like a straightforward decision for the judge Totenberg. Either she’s going to let these vulnerable machines go forward in the election or she’s going to have to order up a paper ballot and a decision. It looks to me like it’s straightforwardly got to emerge from this trial. Is that right?

Amber Connor: Unless she surprises everyone and opts for a hybrid where when you walk in, you can choose a hand-marked paper ballot or choose the BMD and give the voter the choice concerning their comfortability. I don’t know. And that’s what’s riveting for me, is watching the judge throughout and her wanting to hear the evidence and actually be an honest broker. But it’s very difficult to look past the vulnerabilities of the machines. It’s very difficult… It’s hard to parse through why everyone isn’t agreeing that we need an impenetrable system and we don’t have that…

Lou Dobbs:  Is it fair to say there is agreement on vulnerability, that there is agreement on the ballot marking devices… It looks like the pressure is now on the judge to make a decision that’s going to affect these machines across the state of Georgia.

Amber Connor: …As it stands now, I think she is going to advise to go to handmarked paper ballots. You’re right. It can change.


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