REPORT: The FBI Has Lowered Hiring Standards in Ridiculous Ways Due to Woke Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policies

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies used to be relegated to liberal college campuses, but in recent years they have infected virtually every aspect of life in America.

These policies are divisive and often racist. Progressives who advance this ideology are taking the country backwards and can’t even see it.

In the case of government agencies, particularly when it comes to law enforcement, these policies should be completely rejected, but instead are embraced. in the case of the FBI, these policies are causing the bureau to lower their standards in ways which seem beyond parody.

The Daily Caller reports:

FBI Hired Barely Literate Candidates, Urged Fat Applicant To Continue Process, Report Alleges

The FBI is reducing hiring standards to the point where it is considering overweight applicants and hiring barely literate agents, a group of current and former FBI agents and analysts allege.

In a report delivered to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, the FBI officials describe how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is being prioritized in the hiring process to the point where standards are being reduced for physical fitness, drug usage, finances, mental health, experience and integrity, the report states.

“To more easily accommodate a larger pool of available applicants, FBI Special Agent hiring standards have been relaxed and requirements measurably lowered in categories that include physical fitness, illicit drug use, financial irregularities, mental health, full-time work experience, and integrity,” the report asserts. The New York Post first reported on the FBI hiring document.

The current and former FBI agents and analysts received the anecdotes described in the report from 20 sources and sub-sources who are either currently employed by the FBI or retired.

Political correctness is dangerous and puts people’s lives at risk.

REPORT: “DEI hires pushed onto the FBI are putting the country’s safety at risk for the sake of being ‘woke’”

h/t @mirandadevine

— House Judiciary GOP (@JudiciaryGOP) January 25, 2024

Column’s up: EXCLUSIVE Diversity/Equity recruiting at the FBI has degraded standards in physical fitness, illicit drug use, mental health and integrity, and threatens the FBI’s ability to protect America from harm, says a report by ex- and serving agents

— Miranda Devine (@mirandadevine) January 25, 2024

All of this must end. It is going to get people killed.

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