Survival Food Is Surging With an Unexpected Twist: Prepper Beef Company Founder

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The preparedness and survival food industry is surging. That’s understandable considering the state of the economy, geopolitics, and current “leadership” in Washington DC. But a survival food company co-founder noted an unexpected development that prompted a couple of big changes to his store.

“It isn’t uncommon for consumers to subscribe for auto-ship of items they use regularly like toilet paper or canned soup, but we never expected so many people to want to subscribe for survival food deliveries,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper Beef. “But that’s one of the things our customers asked for so we’re delivering it now.”

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With the cost of food going up and the availability of it going down, it make sense that purchases of preparedness foods are skyrocketing. Add in the incessant push by the powers-that-be to eliminate real meat from our diets and it’s becoming crystal clear why many have wanted to be able to subscribe for auto-shipments.

“Our beef is unlike anything in the market today because we sell all-American high-quality cuts like Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin,” Nelson said. “Anyone who’s tried ‘beef crumbles’ being sold as prepper food realizes that it’s more akin to meat-flavored porridge than actual protein.”

To make it even easier for consumers to stock up, Prepper Beef has added multiple “pay over time” options so Americans can get prepared even when money is tight. Considering these are premium cuts cooked sous vide to retain nutrition and flavor, it’s clear why these products are selling so well.

The beef is freeze dried, which is very different from being dehydrated. By extracting all of the moisture and then storing the beef in mylar bags, they retain freshness and remain shelf-stable for up to 25-years. Compared to jerky and frozen beef that last 1-2 years, the freeze dried option is superior for many reasons.

“We want Americans to have high-quality options with easy ways to stock up immediately or over time,” Nelson continued. “The world is changing rapidly and it behooves Americans to be ready with the best possible options before things get really bad.”

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Prepper Beef’s survival products are cooked sous vide for maximum flavor and nutrition retention. It is then freeze dried and shipped in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to make it shelf-stable for 25-years. This is very different from dehydrated beef or jerky. They only have one ingredient in the products: beef.

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