Parents Come to Horrifying Realization as Setting of Disgusting Video Starts to Look Familiar, Public School Officials Confirm Investigation

If you were on the fence about homeschooling before, this disturbing story from an elementary school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, might push you over the edge.

According to the Tulsa World, the local police confirmed Wednesday that they’re investigating the location and identity of the participants in a sexually explicit video making the rounds on the internet.

Some local parents, however, believe they’ve discovered the location.

After comparing pictures of the setting of the video to the library of Eisenhower International School, the horrified parents believe the smutty video was filmed in their children’s school.

The Tulsa World said the video was posted to the X social media platform, but “the X account associated with the video did not have any publicly accessible posts as of Wednesday afternoon.”

Connie Homer, the principal of Eisenhower International, sent a letter to parents assuring them that “Tulsa Public Schools Campus Police are investigating and will work with any additional law enforcement agencies as needed,” according to KWTV-TV in Tulsa.

“This was just brought to our attention,” Homer wrote. “While incredibly disturbing, we have not yet been able to confirm or identify the location or individual(s) shown in the social media post cited in this story (or how long ago it might have been recorded).”

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported the video featured two men engaging in a “lewd act.”

Reporter Rick Maranon of KOKI-TV in Tulsa said he spoke to parents at the school about the video and their reaction was, “We love this school. We love it. We don’t view it any differently. We hate the people who did this inside that school.”

Maranon said parents who had examined the sexually explicit video told him, “We believe we are seeing the inside of Eisenhower’s library.”

“I volunteered in there, and everything on that video is exactly how it looks like today,” one mom told him.

Maranon reported the man who posted the video “said he was led into the school by an employee after hours looking for a fun break at work.”

That little detail doesn’t speak well for the staff at Eisenhower International.

KOKI’s report said no children were present.

The outlet noted features in the video that led parents to believe it was their kids’ school

“The school library in the videos has very similar features to the pictures of the media center posted on Eisenhower International School’s website,” KOKI reported.

“In addition to a matching unique carpet pattern, a piece of stained glass art depicting blue colored dolphins, which is the school’s mascot, can briefly be seen in the video as well,” it said. “Other matching features are the placement of bookshelves, furniture and the font and signs identifying what books are on what shelves.”

Fortunately for the school staff and administrators, it seems most parents don’t blame them for the video. But this kind of sexual deviancy taking place in schools — even, as we see now, in elementary schools — is becoming a disturbing trend.

If schools are not giving out what is essentially pornography to children, they’re encouraging students to begin “transitioning” without telling their parents or asking about their sexual activity.

None of this, sadly, is new, and none of it can be considered uncommon anymore.

The fact of the matter is schools are becoming a hotbed for deviant sexual activity, whether teaching children about it or exposing them to it.

Is it any wonder, then, that perverts would decide an elementary school library was a good location for their grotesque sex tape?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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