Police Arrest Awful Neighbors In Florida After 102 Complaints Are Filed Against Them

James Williams Jr. / Kaylyn Lacole Whitson
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office


We haven’t even finished the first month of the year, and 2024 has been anything but a smooth ride.

It took 102 complaints over the course of three years to put two “bad neighbors” in Brevard County, Florida, behind bars.

FOX 35 reports,

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday the arrest of two residents, James Williams Jr., 56, and Kaylyn Lacole Whitson, 31, for aggravated stalking. Their arrest came after deputies tried a different approach to catching them since they allegedly wouldn’t comply with law enforcement’s orders.

Deputies have responded 102 times to Williams and Whitson’s house for various complaints, ranging from loud music to trespassing.

“Williams and Whitson continually and intentionally harassed their neighbors, and at several junctures, our team approached them and asked for volunteer compliance to bring a stop to the complaints,” the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said.


When the duo refused to voluntarily comply, they were put on the “Sheriff’s High-Intensity Target” list to “bring a stop to this madness and harassment,” deputies said. An arrest warrant was obtained, and the “bad neighbors” were “cuffed and stuffed” into a patrol car.

They were booked into the Brevard County Jail, but have since been released after posting $20,000 bond apiece.

As Sherriff Ivey said on social media, the moral of the story is not to be a “bad neighbor in Brevard County.”

Being called out to any location more than 100 times for complaints when there are real issues going on in the world isn’t a job most could stomach.

Thank goodness for the boys in blue.

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