Ben Shapiro Tries His Shot at Being a Rapper… and It’s Worse Than You Think (VIDEO)

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro appeared in a rap video with Tom MacDonald and it is worse than you think.

Tom MacDonald collaborated with a hoodie-clad Shapiro for a rap song dubbed “FACTS.”

WATCH (warning: it’s awful):

Ben Shapiro took a shot at rapper Nicki Minaj after his new rap song topped the iTunes charts.

Hey, @NICKIMINAJ, it’s great to join you atop the iTunes rap charts. Sorry, correction, you’re a few slots lower.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 26, 2024

However, the internet collectively agreed it may be one of the worst things out there right now.

Easily top 10 worst things I’ve heard in my life. And it ain’t 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2

— Evan Wallman (@Evan83452919) January 26, 2024

Cringe level over 9000

— g1337 (@g1337tv) January 26, 2024

I thought this was going to be Cringe

Unfortunately I was right

— Loto (@ThatManLoto) January 26, 2024

Slaps on mute.

— NotoriousNines (@NotoriousNines) January 26, 2024

More on this from TMZ:

Ben Shapiro is diving headfirst into the rap game — he’s got a new single and an accompanying music video, and it’s doing numbers … this despite some poor reactions.

The famous conservative talk show host and editor of The Daily Wire — who’s known for his skill on a mic, but not in the MC capacity — was featured on wrestler-turned-rapper Tom MacDonald’s new single … supplying the guest verse with bars!

Their track together is called “Facts” … and Ben’s 16 takes aim at actual rappers in the game, like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion … among others. He’s wearing a hoodie in this thing as he raps about making money off compound interest, all while his haters live with their parents. Yeah, it’s classic Shapiro … dude loves to flex his intellect.

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