Is Nikki Haley a Soros Plant?… Haley Tells Meet the Press: “I Absolutely Trust the Jury” in Crazy E. Jean Carroll’s Disgusting Lawfare Case Against Trump

Nikki Haley went on Meet the Press on Sunday morning to trash Trump and distance herself from his 74 million voters.

Haley is hoping that by slamming Trump on liberal television she will gain more base Democrat voters in the upcoming contests.

During questioning, Haley told Kristen Welker that she absolutely trusts the New York City jury who awarded serial liar E. Jean Carroll $83 million for defamation in a rape case she filed but is not even aware of the season, month, or year it took place.

As reported earlier – Here’s what you need to know about E. Jean Carroll. Most of this information was deemed “inadmissible” by the judge per John LeFevre:

She couldn’t recall the date, month, season, or year the incident happened
She never told anyone about it, despite being publicly obsessed with her own sexuality
The dress she claims to have been wearing didn’t exist at the time
Her description of the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman was inaccurate, making her sequence of events impossible
Her lawsuit was bankrolled by Jeffrey Epstein pal and Democrat (and Nikki Haley) mega-donor Reid Hoffman
Democrats created a law (The Adult Survivors Act in 2022) to enable her lawsuit to proceed
Her accusation is the exact plotline of an episode of Law & Order (one of her “favorite shows”)
Trump’s Apprentice was also one of her favorite shows
She has a history of falsely accusing men of rape, including Les Moonves
She told Anderson Cooper, “most people think of rape as being sexy. Think of the fantasies.”
She made a career promoting promiscuity, even writing glowingly of sexual assault and naming her cat Vagina

The jury was a farce and any so-called Republican who does not understand the lawfare taking place in America today is unqualified for office – unless she’s running as a Democrat – which may be the case.

Nikki may be trying to shore up the Democrat vote but at some point, unless she has voter manufacturing system like Joe Biden, she will have to attempt to capture a few Republican votes.

Transcript via Breitbart.

Nikki Haley: I’ve always said I trust the American people. They know how to make good decisions and So I think that they’re going to see this for what it is. They see that he’s completely distracted. They see that he’s going on these rans about how he’s the victim, and I think that’s exactly what we don’t need a strong leader to be. So you know, these court cases will keep happening one by one. We’ll keep seeing him in a courtroom and we’ll see him come out and do a press conference and that’s not what a president should be. That’s not what we want Russia to see. That’s not what we want China to see and not what we want Iran to see.”

Kristin Welker: “What’s unique about this case is the jury has ruled. They found him liable of sexual abuse. Do you not trust the jury and their findings, ambassador?”

Nikki Haley: “I absolutely trust the jury, and I think that they made their decision based on the evidence. I just don’t think that should take him off the ballot. I think American people will take him off the ballot.”

She’s absolutely clueless. We’ve seen enough of Nikki.

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