Memphis DJ ‘Slick Rick’ Found Decapitated in His Tennessee Home

Memphis DJ “Slick Rick” was found decapitated in his Tennessee home on Wednesday afternoon.

The DJ, whose real name was Rick Buchanan, was discovered by his brother John Buchanan after a neighbor called him with concerns because the back door to the home was open.

The brother told Fox 13 Memphis that the front door was locked, but the back door was wide open when he arrived.

“The front door was locked, but the back door was wide open,” Buchanan told the station. “The iron door was open also, and I walked in, and I found him and called 911. It was terrible. At first, I thought his coat was up over his head because it was like he was cold or something. So, I ran out and ran back in and realized it wasn’t that. It was something worse.”

“A lot of things were weird,” the brother added. “He had his keys still in his hand. His pants were pulled down to his feet and the back door was wide open, so that’s the weird stuff.”

John Buchanan said that his brother’s dog was also in the yard, which was unusual.

When asked by the station if he had any ideas about the circumstances or what could have happened, John said: “No idea. We don’t know what happened.”

“About a month ago, the taillight on that car, a guy was here and said he owed him $30 and busted out the taillight with a hammer,” Buchanan said. “I was like, ‘Well here, here’s $30,’ and he just took off, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with it because I gave him $30.”

The Daily Beast reports that Rick was shot during a robbery in 2014 at a live music venue owned by his mother, Nita Makris, at the time.

The Buchanan family has launched a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses.

“As many have learned, Slick Rick is sadly no longer with us. There are still many unanswered questions, and the family appreciates the outpour of love they are receiving,” the fundraiser’s description reads. “If you knew Rick, you know he gave to anyone he could, friends, strangers, and charities like MDA. He used his voice and personality to raise unthinkable amounts of money for others. He was also a champion of Memphis music and took pride in presenting, playing, and promoting local music at The Stage Stop.”

The description adds, “His family has set this Go Fundme link to help with finalizing putting Ricky to rest, but also to potentially make a donation to a charity in Ricky’s name. We appreciate the Stage Stop and Memphis music family for showing up and sending all of the love. Please post all the photos and memories you want to share, and keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you and ROCK ON.”

The family had raised over $4,000 by Saturday evening.

Police have not named a suspect or released any theories about the possible motive.

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