North Carolina GOP District Calls for Vote of No Confidence for Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel ahead of RNC Winter Meeting

The Republican Party’s 13th Congressional District Executive Committee in North Carolina, along with its leadership, has issued a forceful demand for a vote of no confidence against RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

This call comes ahead of the RNC Winter Meeting, scheduled for January 30 to February 3, 2024.

In a bold move, the North Carolina delegation to the RNC has been urged to propose a motion for a standing public vote among all 168 RNC voting members, aiming to remove the Chairwoman due to “gross incompetence.”

Since Ronna Romney McDaniel assumed leadership of the GOP in 2017, the party’s grip on power has seemingly loosened. Under her watch, Republicans have experienced a series of electoral setbacks, losing eight gubernatorial races, three Senate seats, 19 House seats, and a presidential race.

“This incompetence includes but is not limited to, wasteful spending and Republican Congressional defeats in 2018, the loss of the White House, both Georgia Senate runoff elections, and the anemic Republican majority in 2022. In 2023 the embarrassing losses continued in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In 2024, Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel did violate RNC Rule 11 by prematurely declaring a presumptive 2024 presidential nominee,” according to the letter.

Last year, following disastrous general election results, McDaniel blamed the candidates for their defeat and ineffective campaign strategy.

“We don’t do the messaging; the candidates do that with their pollsters and their campaigns,” McDaniel said.

“The RNC builds the road, all the candidates drive on it. You need a good candidate and a good road to get to your destination,” she added.

Adding to these political grievances, the committee highlighted concerns over financial management. According to FEC filings, the RNC under McDaniel’s leadership has reportedly expended:

$80,000 on alcohol-related expenses
$750,000 on floral arrangements
$1.3 million on limousines and chauffeur services
$3.1 million on private jet services
$17.1 million on donor gifts
Approximately $400,000 on various entertainment expenses, including significant amounts at Madison Square Garden, Broadway shows, and Top Golf locations across multiple states.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday that the RNC is looking at opening a credit line to help pay the bills and compensate for dismal recent fundraising levels.

Ronna McDaniel and the RNC will discuss the unusual option this coming week at the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas.

It can be recalled that donations to the feckless Republican Party reached an 8-year low under Ronna McDaniel.

The 13th District Committee expresses no tolerance for  “frivolous spending” coupled with “abysmal performance.”

With the crucial 2024 election cycle looming, the committee’s message is urgent and clear: The stakes are too high for the party to risk further losses under the current leadership.

“Our country cannot wait any longer. We demand action, and we demand it now. The 2024 election cycle is far too important to risk further losses.”

This call for a vote of no confidence, supported by similar demands from District 11, represents the combined voices of 24 out of 100 counties in North Carolina. The committee’s message concludes with a stark warning: “Ignore us at your peril!”

The NCGOP 13th Congressional District had a very productive executive committee meeting earlier today. We encourage our fellow districts to support our Call to Action by sending one of your own. Feel free to use this. #ncpol @NCGOP @NCGOP2nd @14ncgop @NCGOP4th

— NCGOP13 (@ncgop13district) January 28, 2024

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