PANIC IN BRUSSELS: EU Council’s President Charles Michel Gives up European Parliament Run to Keep Hungary’s Orbán From Holding Interim Presidency

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán and European Council President Charles Michel.

Conservative champion, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is still driving European Union’s leaders insane with his firm stance on Ukraine military help, and a host of other failed Globalist EU policies.

So much so that president of the council of European Union leaders, Charles Michel, was forced to abandon his decision to run in this year’s European Elections, lest this move handed nemesis Orbán the control of the Council – just as leaders are plotting to completely ostracize Hungary in the EU.

Michel faced harsh criticism that his leaving the Presidency to run for a seat in the European Parliament would have undermined his current role at a crucial time.

His reversal now come as an embarrassment for Michel. Less than a week before he chairs a summit meant to produce a deal on vital wartime financial aid for Ukraine, he has his judgment questioned by many power players in the EU.

Reuters reported:

“Michel’s reversal came just a few weeks after he announced he would run in June’s European Parliament election – a move that sparked criticism as it meant he would have to leave his post several months before its official end on Nov. 30.

That raised the prospect of the European Council of EU leaders being chaired by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who maintains ties to Moscow, has blocked the Ukraine aid plan and is accused of democratic backsliding by EU lawmakers.”

In a long Facebook post, Michel defended his original decision to run in the election, but admitted that the criticism had prompted him to reconsider.

“I will not be a candidate in the European elections. I will devote all my efforts to my current responsibilities with steadfast determination until they come to an end. […] I don’t want this decision to distract us from our mission or undermine this institution and our European project nor be misused in any way to divide the European Council, which I believe must work tirelessly for European unity. […] I will always be a fervent advocate of a Europe that is democratic, strong, united and master of its own destiny. At the end of this mandate, I will reflect on the nature and direction of my future commitments.”

The Guardian reported:

“[Michel’s] decision had prompted speculation that Orbán could accidentally become the president from July if member states were not able to find a successor quickly enough.”

The leaders of the main EU institutions are usually chosen [NOT elected] after the European elections, which will happen in June.

But the political process can take many months, and under EU rules, the country that holds the six-month rotating presidency takes on post in the absence of a president-elect.

“With Hungary due to take on the presidency for the second six months of the year, this would have handed Orbán the reins.

The president’s role involves chairing European Council meetings and brokering agreements among member states including the current battle to get Hungary to back the support package for Ukraine.”

It would indeed be a complete absurd for PM Orbán to become President of the European Council right at the time when the major power brokers in the EU are scheming have the 26 nations to strip Hungary of its voting rights by implementing the ‘nuclear option’ of activating article 7 of the EU treaty.

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