Venezuelan Communist Dictator Prevents Top Opposition Candidate from Running in Election – Just Like the Democrats

Guest post by Joe Hoft at – republished with permission

Venezuelan Marxist tyrant Nicolas Maduro

The people of Venezuela are starving. They live in a country where they have no voice. They have watched their once wealthy nation, full of oil deposits, get taken over by communist dictators. They are living in a Marxist hell-hole.

The only hope for nations when despot communists rule is to vote them out, but the communists own the elections. So in Venezuela today we see this.

According to HotAir:

The second to worst thing that can happen to a civil society is civil war. The only thing worse than that is what Venezuela is living with right now, a dictatorship in which there is no hope of democratic change or equal justice. In Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela his voice is the only one that matters. It has been that way since he took over as the hand-picked successor to communist blowhard Hugo Chavez in 2013.

Since then, opposition figures have tried everything to get a fair chance at defeating Maduro at the ballot box and at every turn they have been thwarted. Some were arrested and wound up in jail on trumped up charges. Others were simply told they weren’t allowed to run. The latest effort in this long series involves Maria Corina Machado, a candidate who supports free-markets instead of the black market socialist economy which has resulted in extreme inflation and more than 7 million Venezuelans fleeing the country to survive.

Machado is well liked and last October she was the overwhelming winner of a 10-candidate race to become the main opposition candidate in the next presidential election. There was just one problem. Nicolas Maduro’s government had announced prior to the opposition election that Machado was forbidden from holding office for 15 years. Why? That’s a question you ask in a country that isn’t a banana republic. In Venezuela the only answer is because President Maduro considers her a threat.

Today, Venezuela’s Supreme Court upheld the government order that Machado not be allowed to hold office for 15 years, meaning the opposition’s top candidate can’t run.

Ms. Machido is being held in home captivity. Anyone who helps her is punished or arrested. This is the communist way.

What we see in Venezuela we are witnessing here in the US. Corrupt courts override the Constitution and rule that the border should be kept open.

The current leader is not running the show; he is too old and senile. Those running him and the country, hate Americans. They push more radical judges and fraudulent elections where machines are used that lack security and allow bad actors to flip elections for the senile old guy.

The economy is only running due to massive government spending. The government spends money on foreign wars, and censoring conservatives – those the Biden gang hates.

The justice department is totally corrupt and the top candidate to win the last and next election is being prosecuted in corrupt kangaroo courts on bogus made-up charges.

America is quicking morphing into Venezuela. Wake up America.

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