Immigrant Parents From India Flee the United States After Elementary School Hides Gender Transition of Their Daughter

An immigrant family from India living in Washington state has fled the United States after finding out that their young daughter had gender transitioned and the school hid it from them.

First they fled to Oregon, then they left the country and haven’t been heard from since.

It sounds from the story as if there was one particular activist teacher who pushed the girl to transition and then became creepily obsessed with her. Can you even imagine finding out that your child’s teacher was hiding something like this from you?

City Journal reported:

“We Thought She Was a Great Teacher”

In June 2022, two Centennial Elementary School students in Olympia, Washington, disappeared. Their parents, Indian immigrants, had quietly driven them out of state, to Oregon, before they eventually decided to fly back to their former home country. No one in Olympia has seen the children since.

“My daughter mentioned that Tia had been gone from school for a couple of weeks,” said Jess Davis, whose daughter was a classmate of Tia’s, one of the family’s children. (I have changed most of the names in this report to respect requests for anonymity.) “We were at an ice cream social that our neighborhood has at the end of the school year, and I was thinking about them.” So she decided to text Tia’s mother to ask why they weren’t there. The mother “got back to me and said, ‘Sorry, we are out of town,’” Davis explained. Evidently, the family was still hiding and hadn’t yet left the country. The mother texted Davis again, “and said, ‘Can I call you?’ And she dumped it all out.”

Tia, who was ten, had apparently just gone through a social gender transition at school, encouraged by her teacher.

This passage describes how they think it all began:

No definitive explanation could be confirmed for how the subject of transitioning genders came up between teacher and student. Two of Tia’s classmates and one local mother indicated, though, that it may have started when Tia wore a traditional Indian dress for a school event. She apparently complained of it being itchy to Mrs. A. From there, the classmates claimed, Mrs. A brought up the notion that perhaps she didn’t like girls’ clothing because she wasn’t a girl. (Mrs. A did not respond to repeated requests for comment.)

This is a hill that the left wants to die on for some reason. They are going to learn that parents are not going to just roll over and take this. You mess with people’s kids and you’ll find out fast.

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