“Transition Integrity Project” of Rabid Leftists and Unhinged Trump-Haters Is Back – Undemocratic Group Hopes to Prevent Trump from Entering Office Again

President Trump and the men who worked to lie, cheat, and overthrow his administration.

In a recent pair of articles on Racket News, “Twitter Files” reporter Matt Taibbi revealed the left’s plan to prevent the election of Donald J. Trump in 2024, and to usurp the power of the people.

Taibbi explains how the Marxist left and their Trump-hating cohorts are using the “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) plans to keep President Trump from office in 2025.

The Gateway Pundit discussed this secretive group numerous times.  Contributor Joe Hoft wrote about the group in September 2020.

We first heard about the Transition “Integrity” Project after the 2016 election. Joshua Klein at Brietbart writes:

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s 2016 inauguration, a co-founder of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a group that recently “war-gamed” potential outcomes of the 2020 elections and transition, outlined varying ways to oust Trump including declaring him mentally unfit and carrying out a military coup.

Garnering lots of media attention in recent days, TIP co-founder Rosa Brooks has written numerous op-eds summarizing TIP’s 22-page report, which concluded that anything less than a Biden-Harris landslide will spark catastrophe, including “violence in the streets” and a “constitutional impasse.”

Despite the group’s official non-partisan claim, Brooks’ presence implies otherwise.

Just days after President Trump’s inauguration, Brooks penned an article advocating for his swift removal from office, even going so far as to suggest the military not follow orders.

We learned from Breitbart that the group is full of Trump haters from the Democrat and Republican Parties:

TIP was formed in late 2019 and comprises over 100 leading experts and officials, mostly Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, including former RNC chair Michael Steele, Bill Kristol, former Clinton aide John Podesta, and former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile.

A post at the American Thinker by Donald Finley adds more to the list of haters at the Group:

The characters in the play are all familiar names: George Soros; Bill and Melinda Gates; traitorous NeverTrumps like John Kasich, Bill Kristol, and Michael Steele; and the Clinton Cabal, including John Podesta and Donna Brazile.  The list is defined by those who lost the most when Trump won.  And don’t forget which country lost the most — China — so the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is well represented.  Nils Gilman, vice president of programs at the Berggruen Institute, is the co-founder of TIP, and among his programs are partnerships with Chinese government–run entities like the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence.  The institute’s 21st-Century Council membership includes such familiar names as Jack Dorsey, Lawrence Summers, and Arianna Huffington, among a long list of China’s Who’s Who.

That’s not all.  The other co-founder is Rosa Brooks, a former Clinton-ite and Obama-ite, who wrote in Foreign Policy ten days after Trump’s inauguration, “Three Ways to Get Rid of President Trump before 2020.”  She and Gilman, throughout this plan, use the contradictory language of good intentions to be delivered by evil acts.  In a footnote, there is this: “TIP recognizes and shares the view that the Electoral College is profoundly anti-democratic[.]”  But there is also this: “TIP takes no position on how Americans should cast their votes … however, the administration of President Donald Trump has steadily undermined core norms of democracy and the rule of law[.]”  That should sum up all the “abouts” you’ll need, but don’t forget the bibliography at the end.  All references are notoriously left-leaning.

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters at the National Pulse offered more on the leaders of this project whose purpose is to remove President Trump from office, no matter what.  They also tie the group to Obama, George Soros, and China, but they include connections to Hunter Biden as well:

The critical connection comes through President Obama’s former associate White House Counsel, Ian Bassin, who heads the anti-Trump litigation efforts Protect Democracy Project and United to Protect Democracy.

Bassin previously headed the far-left Avaaz network, founded in turn by the leftist MoveOn.org group, as well as the Truman National Security Project, which has featured lead Joe Biden policy advisor Jake Sullivan and Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden on its board.

The revelations destroy the Transition Integrity Project’s central tenet: that it is a non-partisan and independent organization that simply seeks to secure the fair results of the upcoming election.

Now, it appears they are back in working to undo the will of the people and prevent democracy by preventing President Trump from assuming office in 2025.

“Twitter Files” Reporter Matt Taibbi Uncovers Plot to Stop Trump, Democracy Be Damned https://t.co/CnQ3KNj6ak

— Jason Miller (@JasonMillerinDC) January 30, 2024

Shane Harris at the Association of Mature American Citizens reported:

Taibbi describes, we’ve seen this same sort of effort before. As he relays and as many major news outlets reported in the months leading up to the 2020 election, a group called the “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP) – comprised of top power players in Democrat circles like current Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, as well as nominal “conservatives” who had become anti-Trump fanatics – had gathered to “wargame” contested election scenarios.

TIP participants were ostensibly concerned about Trump refusing to leave office if Biden won. But as Taibbi writes, the final TIP report on the election, published on August 3, 2020, “read like a year by year synopsis” of every Democrat effort to overturn Trump’s 2016 election victory, undermine his presidency, and now prevent his return to the White House.

For instance, TIP participants feared that Trump would “launch investigations into opponents” – which is exactly what Biden and Democrats are doing now to Trump. The TIP report also alleged that Trump would “use Department of Justice and/or the intelligence agencies to cast doubt on election results or discredit his opponents” – exactly what the Clinton campaign and the Democrat establishment attempted to do in 2016 with the infamous Steele Dossier and Russia Collusion Hoax.

One TIP simulation even predicted “that Trump would contrive to label Biden supporters guilty of ‘insurrection’ for protesting a ‘clear Trump win.’” Now, of course, we’ve seen a direct reversal of that prediction as Biden and Democrats have labeled Trump and every one of his supporters “insurrectionists” and made “protecting democracy” the main theme of their 2024 campaign.

TIP participants allege that all their 2020 scheming was just an effort to be prepared for anything, rather than an explicit plot to prevent a second Trump term even in the event of a clear Trump victory. (It’s worth noting here that none of the TIP “wargames” or scenarios were ever intended to be made public – it was only after a series of embarrassing leaks that the group decided to release their full report in an attempt to save face that largely backfired.)

But as Taibbi argues, even if one accepts these supposedly well-intentioned motivations, the fact that these high-profile power players on the left even felt the need to form a group like TIP provides an alarming look into the psyche of the modern Democrat Party. It is an indication of the fact that the left feels completely justified usurping the democratic will of the American people in order to “save democracy.”

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