Victor Reacts: Sanctuary City Reality Check! Denver Buckles (VIDEO)

It is always fun to point and laugh when reality hits liberal cities.

As previously reported by the Gateway Pundit,

The supposed ‘sanctuary city’ of Denver, Colorado, is going to start limiting the amount of time that illegal border crossers can spend in shelters.

Like many blue cities, Denver is learning that city resources are not infinite and that a community can be quickly overwhelmed when an army of people suddenly appears in town. They are already shipping people to other places.

One has to wonder how the city is going to enforce this policy.

Turns out, it is a lot easier to be a so called “sanctuary city” when you don’t have to feel the weight of illegal aliens. Now that the city is going to be hit with a bill of over $100m they are ready to get rid of the illegals. Many of the illegals aliens in Denver reportedly came by bus from the Texas-Mexico border.

The left’s moral grandstanding has come back to haunt them. We must secure our nation’s borders or we will have no nation at all.


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