WATCH: French Farmers Tighten Their Grip on Paris, as Government Scrambles To Appease Them – Revolt Spreads to Belgium

French President Macron and Prime Minister Attal try to deal with the farmers’ revolt.

While President Emmanuel Macron hops around the world looking for some positive agenda – first in India, and now in Sweden – France is still reeling with the revolt od the farmers.

The biggest European agricultural producer has been brought to a halt as farmers lay siege to the capital Paris, while the young and inexperienced new Prime Minister Gabriel Attal tries to keep it together.

In his latest attempt at appeasement, Attal said he is implementing controls on foreign food products in order to guarantee ‘fair competition’ amid farmers’ protests.

Associated Press reported:

“In his general policy speech at the National Assembly, Gabriel Attal told lawmakers ‘the goal is clear: guaranteeing fair competition, especially so that regulations that are being applied to (French) farmers are also respected by foreign products’.

He also said food retailers who don’t comply with a law meant to ensure a fair share of revenues for farmers will be fined, starting immediately. ‘We need to listen to the farmers, who are working and are worried about their future and their livelihood,” Attal said’.”

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) January 30, 2024

The farmers’ protest has been going on for days, asking for better remuneration for their produce, less red tape, protection against cheap imports and an end to insane, crippling green regulations.

They camped at barricades around Paris, broadcasting their case that growing and rearing food has become too difficult and not sufficiently lucrative.

“The farmers’ campaign for better pay, fewer constraints and lower costs has blown up into a major crisis for Attal in the first month of his new job. Protesters rejected pro-agriculture measures that Attal announced last week as insufficient. The government promised more responses would be forthcoming Tuesday.”

Priest blesses a convoy of farmers going from Agen to Paris

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) January 30, 2024

Hundreds of tractors, trailers and even rumbling harvesters came out to besiege Paris.

They came with reserves of food, water and tents to stay at barricades if the government doesn’t cave.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) January 30, 2024

The French government deployed 15,000 police officers to stop any effort by the protesters to enter the capital.

Officers and armored vehicles were also stationed at Paris’ hub for fresh food supplies, the Rungis market.

Farmers are trying to get the message across about the cost and bureaucratic burden of maintaining ‘organic methods’ while competing with other countries with lower labor regulation costs.

“French farmers assert that higher prices for fertilizer, energy and other inputs for growing crops and feeding livestock have eaten into their incomes. Protesters also argue that France’s massively subsidized farming sector is over-regulated and hurt by food imports from countries where agricultural producers face lower costs and fewer constraints.”

Heavy police presence to keep farmers from entering Paris.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) January 30, 2024

Angry about rising costs, EU environmental policies and cheap food imports, Belgian farmers also revolted and blocked access roads to the Zeebrugge container port on Tuesday.

Reuters reported:

“A port authority spokesman said protesters had blocked five roads to trucks, but were letting cars through. He said it was not yet clear what the consequences on the operations of the port would be, and the port was indirectly in touch with the organizers through the police.

[…] Belgian farmers also disrupted traffic during the morning rush hour on Tuesday. One of the blockades was close to the Dutch border on the E19 highway, media said.”

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo was to meet with farmers’ associations today.

“A group of farmers blocking a square in central Brussels with tractors said they would stay put until at least Thursday, when EU government leaders meet in the city.

‘We are asking them to review their laws’, said Nicolas Fryers, a farmer at the protest. ‘They talk about being greener but if that happens then there will be land which isn’t worked anymore and it’s difficult enough as it is’.”

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