Democrat Massachusetts Governor Turns ‘Emotional’ as She Announces Conversion of Roxbury Recreation Center into Shelter for Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

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The Governor of Massachusetts, Democrat Maura Healey, has decided to convert a vital recreation center in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood into a temporary shelter for illegal immigrants starting Wednesday.

It can be recalled that Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey and Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll have declared a state of emergency and asked their citizens to loan extra room in their homes to dangerous illegal immigrants.

Migrants from around the world are being smuggled into sanctuary states like Massachusetts every day by the Biden Regime.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, tens of thousands of illegal aliens have flooded New York City, a proud sanctuary city, and they were recently filmed lining up for blocks to receive free (taxpayer-funded) housing in New York City.

The Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex, a central facility in Roxbury, was requisitioned with less than two days’ notice, leaving residents feeling disregarded and marginalized.

Healey’s action, aimed at addressing the growing number of migrants in the city, has been criticized for treating the Roxbury neighborhood ‘like garbage’ and giving illegal immigrants preferential treatment.

Boston has been grappling with the presence of illegal immigrants, many of whom have resorted to sleeping rough at Logan International Airport. Estimates suggest that about 100-200 people are currently sheltered at the airport. Massachusetts State Police have also been deployed to provide assistance at the airport.


Since November of 2023, illegal immigrants have been housed inside Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

The number of migrants has grown significantly since November. One individual who is in contact with the migrants estimates there are roughly 100 people…

— RedWave Press (@RedWave_Press) January 23, 2024

Governor Healey, facing backlash for the short notice and neglect of the Roxbury community, defended her decision as a necessary step amidst a challenging situation.

“This is probably the eighth or ninth major location we’ve opened around the state. We’ve been all over the state. We are now coming to Boston. It’s just borne out of necessity,” said Healey, according to Boston 25.

Governor Healey reassured that the shelter would be a short-term solution, planning to vacate the premises by the end of May while seeking further federal funding.

Last week, during a virtual meeting, Governor Healey turned emotional as she announced that she was converting Roxbury Recreation Center into a new shelter for illegal immigrants.

“I get emotional, guys, okay? Because I’m committed to this. Little kids need to be able to breathe clean air, they need to be able to access swimming pools. They need to have lifeguards there who are going to teach them how to swim, and they need to have activities. I don’t know what we’re going to do for a couple of three months. I’ll call universities. I’ll call other places.”


Governor Laura Healey (D-MA) cries as she announces that she is converting Roxbury Recreation Center into a new shelter for illegals

Roxbury Recreation Center is utilized by hundreds of Boston residents every day, including many children and seniors

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 31, 2024

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