Jim Hoft Discusses Historic Upcoming SCOTUS Case on Free Speech featuring Gateway Pundit with Ivory Hecker

The “most important free speech case in a generation” Missouri v. Biden, is set to be heard by the Supreme Court on March 18th, and it features as lead Plaintiff Jim Hoft, Publisher and Founder of the Gateway Pundit.

Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt announced the news on X. Schmitt was the Attorney General in Missouri who launched the investigation along with Attorney General Jeff Landry from Louisiana who is now the sitting governor of the state.

Mark your calendars – Missouri v. Biden, the most important free speech case in a generation, will be in front of the nation’s highest court on March 18th. pic.twitter.com/kNazyYuVxJ

— Senator Eric Schmitt (@SenEricSchmitt) January 29, 2024

Missouri v. Biden is the case filed by the courageous Attorneys General from Missouri and Louisiana against the Biden Administration for their violations of the First Amendment. Specifically, the case complains to the Court that the federal government violated the Constitution when it specifically directed social media companies to delete comments they disliked and when the FBI’s corrupt agents, agents like Elvis Chan, engaged in a wholesale deplatforming of specific users, specific comments, and specific topics.

The government was purposefully censoring information they did not like that was frequently accurate and truthful.

The scale of the censorship regime is massive.

This is a critical key point because the government prefers to lie and say this case is about ‘disinformation’ but in this case, it was about the government limiting the spread and existence of truthful or unsanctioned information.

The Biden administration has fought every step of the way to censor speech in America as this case has moved through the court system for two years now.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, who is the lead plaintiff on the case, joined Ivory Hecker on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines to discuss the case and the upcoming court date at the US Supreme Court.

Jim Hoft: Ivory, this is great news, not just for The Gateway Pundits and reporters and just ordinary Americans who’ve been shut down and censored, blacklisted by, of all things – the government… We knew that social media giants were not fond of The Gateway Pundit and other conservative publications. We found that out right after Trump won the election, when we immediately saw that Facebook was altering our results and using algorithms to limit our access on Facebook… It was a concerted effort by the left and a lot of people now we know inside the government, were just all too willing to be involved in this. In fact, what we found through this case is that many of these players were calling the shots. They were meeting with social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, regularly, on a monthly basis, and they would know stories that needed to be examined and censored. And certainly we were the brunt of that…

…So they created this whole, what we call the censorship industrial complex, the censorship platform, where several of the departments in the United States government have their own censorship group… It’s unbelievable. We found that out through this investigation and through the discovery. Gateway pundit, of course, myself actually, Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit is the lead plaintiff. But there are several doctors who are involved in this… And then one media outlet from Louisiana is involved. And it was Eric Schmitt, who currently is a US senator. He was Attorney General at the time when this started back in 2022. And Jeff Landry from Louisiana, he was the Attorney General from Louisiana and is now governor.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft together with the Attorney Generals of Missouri and Louisiana, and several Covid experts, including Dr. Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford and Dr. Martin Kulldorff from Harvard, authors of The Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. Martin Kulldorff and reporter Jill Hines are suing the federal government for violation of their First Amendment rights.

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