SICK: 33-Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Gruesome Beheading of Federal Employee Father and Posts Video of Decapitated Head Online — Calls for “Revolution” Against the “Biden Regime”

32-year-old Justin Mohn of Levittown, Pennsylvania

Disclaimer: The content provided includes details of a horrific and violent crime that may be disturbing and upsetting to some readers. The information is intended for reporting purposes only and does not condone or promote violence of any kind. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A 32-year-old Pennsylvania man has been accused of decapitating his 68-year-old father, a federal government employee, then posting a very disturbing video on YouTube to express his anti-government sentiments.

Justin Mohn reportedly committed the ghastly murder at their $390,000 family home in Middleton Township before using the platform to hold up his father, Michael Mohn, severed head in a blood-soaked plastic bag while unleashing a tirade against the Biden regime, the Daily Mail reported.

The Gateway Pundit has obtained a copy of the video related to the recent incident. However, we have decided not to share this material with our audience because it is highly disturbing.

Michael Mohn (Source: Denice Kaplan Mohn/Facebook)

“This is the head of Mike Mohn, a federal employee of over 20 years and my father. He is now in hell for eternity as a traitor to his country,” the sick man said in the first 20 seconds of the gruesome video.

“It is said those who commit treason and betray others occupy the lowest pits of hell for all time. The federal government of America has declared war on America’s citizens and the American states. America is rotting from the inside out as far-left woke mobs rampage our once-prosperous cities, turning them into lawless zones,” he added.

The shocking 14-minute video was available on YouTube for some six hours before it was deleted.

In the video, Mohn identifies himself as the “Commander” of a nationwide militia group he refers to as “Mohn’s Militia.”

This is also the name of his YouTube channel, which, as of Tuesday night, had only a following of 15 subscribers and featured a total of eight videos, according to

The video was titled “Call to Arms for American Patriots.”

In his chilling manifesto-style rant, Mohn announced a $1 million bounty on several top government officials, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and former Attorney General Bill Barr.

“I am issuing a $1 million bounty on the following individuals, alive or half a million dollars dead: FBI Director Chris Ray, Attorney General Merrick Garland, ex-Attorney General Bill Barr, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts,” he said.

Mohn called for a “revolution” against the “Biden regime” and an “army of illegal immigrants.

“If I am captured or killed, do not give up. This is America and our freedoms we are fighting for. This is our children’s futures we are fighting for. Joe Biden is no longer in power. I am now officially the acting president of America under martial law. If Joe Biden does not abdicate, then capture him and bring him to me.”

“Our federal employee and are listening to this message. Now is your last chance to resign from the side of the traders and join your countrymen in taking back your country, or else this is your fate,” he said in the video.

“I urge the US Postal Service to suspend their services at this time, split from the federal government, and join your country, or else I cannot offer federal postal workers any protection. If the media begins to spread lies about this revolution and its patriots, then I authorize the targeting of news stations and their owners and employees as well. The hunting, capturing, and killing of America’s federal employees will not stop until Americans demands are met.”

Mohn has issued a series of demands (verbatim):

Resignation of all current non-military federal employees.
Abdication of Joe Biden and his cabinet from the White House.
Cancellation of the outstanding public debt as unconstitutional.
Ending of the Federal Reserve and restoration of Congress’s right to print interest-free money.
Closing of America’s borders to illegal immigrants and mass deportation of illegal immigrants who entered under the Biden regime.
Ceasing of any human trafficking, specifically involving children and sex slaves.
Ceasing of all woke and gender ideology propaganda in schools and other public places.
Capturing and torturing of federal employees and their associates will continue until the entire network of America’s traitors is identified and completely wiped out.
This includes bribed members of the deep state, labor racketeers of the prison industrial complex, and globalist leaders of assorted industries, namely tax-evading big tech companies.

Source: Justin Mohn/Facebook

Michael Mohn and Justin Mohn (Facebook)LevitttownNow reported that Mohn was arrested around 9 pm ET Tuesday.

Law enforcement was initially called to the residence just after 7 pm Monday, where they discovered a decapitated body in the second-floor bathroom.

The house where Justin lived was also home to his mother, Denice, 63, his brother Zachary, 35, and his sister Stephanie, 38.

Source: Denice Kaplan Mohn/Facebook

Phillyburbs detailed how police, responding to a call, entered the Middletown Township home and found an elderly male deceased upstairs, later identified as Michael Mohn, the victim of an apparent beheading.

“We got called to the home, and officers went in and discovered the father upstairs deceased,” Bartorilla told the media late Tuesday night. “The son is a person of interest. I’m not going to call him a suspect right now.”

Screenshot: Levittown Now/Youtube

The news outlet reported:

Police Chief Joe Bartorilla said Tuesday night officers found a body of a man in the second-floor bathroom of a home on Upper Orchard Drive sometime Tuesday.

A suspect, described as the youngest son of the family, is now in custody after he was arrested in Fort Indian Gap, Pennsylvania.

“I know he has siblings. We have told (the victim’s wife) to notify them before they see the video, or the video is sent to them,” Bartorilla said.

Asked if the son has a history of psychological problems, “I’ll just take a guess, without knowing for sure, I’ll say yeah. We’re getting contacted by some people in the community that know us, and know him and his family. And we’re hearing a lot. Obviously he’s well known in the community just by the calls we’re getting.”

“The people who graduated high school with him, it’s normal things. People who’ve known him lately, he seemed a little off,” the chief said.

According to the Unified Judicial System Portal, Justin Mohn has already been charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, and possession of an instrument of a crime with intent.  The arresting agency is in Middletown Township, Bucks County.


One Twitter user, @MJTruthUltra, warned everyone about this incident.

“This is VERY SUSPICIOUS timing as Congress is trying to push Senate Bill 3589 – the anti-militia bill.”

Major FF Warning…

There is a video of a man circulating online named Justin Mohn in PA, claiming to have beheaded his father Mike Mohn… he even shows the head. Don’t post it. Don’t watch it.

This man claims he is he is the “Commander of National Network of Militias” aka…

— MJTruthUltra (@MJTruthUltra) January 31, 2024

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