EU Finally Approves New Ukraine Aid – Did Orbán Fold, Or Did He Get the Concessions He Wanted?

The European Union has finally managed to approve 50 billion Euros ($54 billion) in new aid to Ukraine, to be paid on the course of the next 3 years.

While that does give Ukraine somewhat of a life-line in their floundering war effort, the MSM chose to focus their coverage, instead, on the fact that the decision would be a big defeat for Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán.

But was it, really? Let’s examine: Orbán wanted the aid to be paid in yearly tranches, not upfront (check), he wanted the EU to re-discuss it every year (check), wanted the aid decision to be reviewed in 2 years (check).

Sounds like he got it all. There were also other promises of a more symbolic nature.

Let’s take a look at how the MSM Globalist cheerleaders are talking about it, as the European Union hopes they would be sending a message to the United States to keep backing Kiev in the war against Russia.

Reuters reported:

“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he hoped the EU decision would help U.S. President Joe Biden convince Congress to follow suit. ‘This is also a good signal towards the U.S. The American president is a good friend and ally who is working hard to win support for his demands from the Congress’, Scholz said, his comments echoed by EU chiefs in Brussels.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised the EU agreement, saying ‘the aid would strengthen his country’s long-term economic and financial stability’.

Kiev expects to receive the first tranche of 4.5 billion euros from the EU in March.

“‘The message is clear: Russia can’t count on any fatigue from the Europeans in their support to Ukraine’, said French President Emmanuel Macron.”

Along this process, Orbán became the boogeyman of the Globalists.

Prime Minister of a country (Hungary) that has EU 20 billion Euros in funds withheld for accusations of sub-par democratic processes, Orbán has been opposed to sending money to a non-EU country (Ukraine) that is the most corrupt in the world, has banned opposition parties, shut down all opposition media and cancelled elections – but hey, that’s the EU, we can’t really expect things to make any sense.

Orbán today said he lifted his veto ‘after receiving assurances the aid would be used sensibly’ and would not come from the EU funds that had been earmarked for Budapest.

“[EU diplomats] said the deal includes a yearly discussion of the package and the option to review it in two years ‘if needed’, but no outright veto for Budapest.

In recent days, the EU has piled pressure on Orban to fall into line. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk told Orban on Thursday time was up for ‘games’ and that Budapest needed to pick sides in the existential challenge posed by Russia’s war. ‘He has to consider if he is in, or out’,” Tusk said.”

A new paragraph calls for the European Council of leaders to invite the European Commission to review the budgetary framework in two years’ time.

The Guardian reported:

“Orbán claimed he had secured a diplomatic victory by extracting guarantees that money that had been due to go to Hungary, but was frozen by the EU over rule of law concerns, would not go to Ukraine.

‘Last night, this morning, we received an offer, and we finally negotiated a control mechanism to guarantee that the money is used sensibly’,” he said in a post on X.”

LEGEND: instead of having dinner with the EU leaders that hate him, Orbán went for a walk with protesting farmers in Brussels.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

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