EXCLUSIVE: Professor David Celements Speaks About Stolen Elections, Lawfare, and New “Let My People Go” Documentary

Professor and attorney David Clements spoke to The Gateway Pundit on Monday at Turning Point Action’s Restoring National Confidence Summit about the rigged elections in America, lawfare, and the left’s suppression of free speech.

Clements spoke to The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson about the importance of securing our elections and the attempts by far-left Marxist organizations like Protect Democracy to suppress our First Amendment and serve as the Regime’s enforcer to target anybody who questions elections.

Obama attorneys running “Protect Democracy,” the same organization that sued Rudy Giuliani and won $148 MILLION in a DC Kangaroo Court with a radical judge and far-left jurors, are using lawfare in Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss’s case against The Gateway Pundit, Jim and Joe Hoft. This is also the same group that is suing Kari Lake for alleged defamation after she criticized an elected official in Maricopa County for his role in the rigged election where 60% of machines failed on election day — the same day that Republican in-person voters turned out 3:1 for Kari Lake and other Trump-Endorsed candidates.

Clements called these efforts to silence political opponents by the liars and thugs at Protect Democracy a “flash mob conviction” aimed at setting the narrative for their allies in the media.

We also discussed the suppression of Clements’ new “Let My People Go” film about the persecution of peaceful January 6 protestors, which was hit with a massive cyber attack upon release.

The film’s debut coincided with the curious timing of far-left Protect Democracy’s massive verdict against America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, which caused the loss of Clements’ largest promoter, he said. Clements was also canceled by his DVD packaging company and credit card processing company over this film. “It’s the most censored film in America,” Clements said.

To make matters worse, the IRS came after Clements just three days later with a suspiciously timed letter demanding nearly $20,000 from the 2021 tax year.

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The Gateway Pundit also interviewed MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell on Monday for updates on his fight to restore honest elections in America.

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Lindell Speaks About Ronna McDaniel’s Failures and Calls on Her to Resign, Says Lawsuit to Ban Voting Machines is Going to The US Supreme Court

David Clements emphasized the importance of not just working to win at the ballot box in 2024 but to defeat the rigged system, which is plauged by corrupted voting machines and phony mail-in ballots.

Watch the full interview below:

CONRADSON: It’s really important stuff that they’re talking about, training people to get out the vote and register voters, but really none of this matters if we don’t have honest elections. Thank God they are hosting the Lindell team for a presentation on election integrity. Talk more about that, though. Does any of this really matter if we don’t have honest elections?

CLEMENTS: I think it matters if the people that are showing up today will work in good faith together. You know, one of the big things that are out there right now is this operation to ballot chase or to ballot harvest, and people in the Lindell camp, and myself included, would say you’re not out-ballot chasing Democrats; you have to defeat software that’s rigged against the American people. And so it’s great that Turning Point allowed to have someone like Colonel Shawn Smith, for instance, impeccable credentials, talks about how futile that is. And so when we see major conservative influencers, saying, “Hey, look, I went to a gun show, and I registered 17 Republicans,” and then we talk to experts say in Florida that showed 53,000 registered voters being deleted from the rolls during an election, we need to be focusing on why that happened, probably more than the efforts of folks getting Republicans to show up to the polls. And so what’s missing from the conversation is usually a discussion on the rigged software and how it’s integrated. So, I’m all for ballot chasing within the legal purview. But Democrats aren’t beating us because they’re better at ballot chasing from a legal standpoint. They’re beating us because they’re embracing wholesale illegality, harvesting operations where they’re printing ballots out of thin air, and we’ve got the receipts to show this across the country. So I came here today just basically to listen and see what the talking points are to figure out what work I’ve got for myself over the next nine months. But unless we get rid of the machines, it’s going to be a really tough road to hoe.

CONRADSON: I’m probably one of the only reporters in the country who has actually gone into the elections room, inspected the signatures that were counted, and compared them to the voter registration signatures. Of course, We The People AZ Alliance does that in Maricopa County as well. But if we don’t have accuracy and honesty in the mail-in system, it doesn’t make a difference.

CLEMENTS: Yeah, it’s all integrated. So you know, the way that this works is that you’ve got integrated software in every state, including Arizona. I think they use Total Vote, which is a form that we use in New Mexico, and they’re able to track, through absentee ballot tracking software, who showing up, and then they can also track people that show up in person early and on election day through the poll books. It’s all integrated. And so now, all you need is the delta to figure out what do I need to inject into Arizona’s elections? Well, Runbeck has an automatic, you know, inroads to basically generate these ballots, and they can even tamper with their tabulators, have them spit out the ballots, reject them, put them in a drawer three, you’re familiar with that. No chain of custody, and then they slow walk the results after an election should have been called, sometimes 7, 8, 9, 10 days in Arizona, and eventually those those printed ballots, they do the damage, and the press seems to just gaslight us saying, this is normal, this is normal. So that’s become the way that elections have migrated in the cheat from 20 years ago to now, where basically we just have to put up with this BS until we take hold of those systems, close them down, and start dealing with things at a hyperlocal level.

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