‘Le Petit Roi’: Protesting French Farmers Cook Sausages in Open Fires – Revolt Spreads to Brussels During EU Summit

Supposedly ‘progressive’ French President Emmanuel Macron starred in a regrettable scene reminiscent of the darkest days pre-Revolution, when Marie Antoinette reportedly said of the people: ‘They don’t have bread? Let them eat cake’.

Telegraph reported:

“While French farmers continued to lay siege to Paris, Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, attended a lavish gala dinner in Stockholm in the company of the King and Queen of Sweden.

King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia and the rest of the family spared no expense at a banquet with the president and first lady at Stockholm Palace.”

The feast took place right as French farmers camped out on motorways, ‘eating sausages cooked on open fires as part of their protest journey to Paris’.

“With the Nordic country close to achieving Nato status following the invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Macron said ‘My visit is to renew our friendship, our partnership in the European Union, and as Sweden prepares to join Nato, our alliance’.

Holding a banner which said: ‘Macron, answer us’ at a blockade on the A10 highway south of Paris, French farmer, Geraldine Grillon, said: ‘It’s just too much, we’re really fed up’.”

Mr. Macron earlier in the visit told a gathering of French and Swedish business leaders that over-regulation put Europe at a disadvantage to the rest of the world, specially United States and China.

“’We need a smarter European industrial policy’, he said. ‘We need more investment, more single market and less regulation’.”

 Fires broke out at several French highways during farmers’ protest. pic.twitter.com/W6HIDNPBJ8

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

Meanwhile, the new, inexperienced French prime minister resorted to using the ‘gay card’ in a speech to the cabinet:

‘To be French in France in 2024 is to be a prime minister who openly admits his homosexuality’, the new prime minister told the applauding cabinet.

Strasbourg: children of French farmers do their own unusual toy-tractor protest. pic.twitter.com/vJRlac49D2

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

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Elsewhere, in the real world, almost a hundred farmers were arrested trying to invade the Rangis food market in Paris.

As much as 79 French farmers were arrested after trying to invade the Rangis food market near Paris. pic.twitter.com/xkDsLV9Rsn

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

The farmers revolt spreads through Europe like a wild fire: Spanish and Italian farmers are also joining the movement that has also hit Germany.

They are pressing governments to ease the crippling environmental regulations and shield them from rising costs and cheap imports.

The Polish agriculture minister, as well as ministers from Lithuania and the Czech Republic, had eggs thrown at them by farmers. “Traitor, you betrayed us for Ukraine!” pic.twitter.com/ogMXEu5LwT

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

And even the powerful globalists of the EU won’t go unscathed: hundreds of tractors have gathered in Luxembourg Square in the Belgian capital Brussels on Thursday.

Euronews reported:

“On the Paris-Brussels motorway, angry farmers wrote in huge yellow letters visible from afar: “Ursula, we are here!”

It was chalked on the road with equal parts defiance and desperation, warning European Commission Ursula von der Leyen not to ignore farmers’ pleas for better prices and less bureaucracy.”

Farmers are now converging on Brussells, where EU summir today aims to solve… aid for Ukraine, not the widespread farmers’ protests all over Europe. pic.twitter.com/WN3NvPWaZJ

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

Farmers want a review of agreements such as with Mercosur, for imports to be subject to the same rules as European agricultural products.

They also want to curb the insane bureaucracy of agricultural and environmental regulations, make it more flexible and simplified.

Farmers lay siege to European Parliament in Brussels!!! pic.twitter.com/yuFSQnkuXN

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 1, 2024

“On Wednesday evening, the first tractors had already begun to pull up around the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, and from early morning the caravan’s horns could also be heard near the European Commission’s main building, opposite the Council, where European leaders are meeting.

Farmers blocked more roads in Belgium, France and Italy on Wednesday to disrupt trade at major ports and other strategic sectors, ramping up pressure ahead of an EU summit in Brussels.”

“‘It is important that we listen to them’, said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. ‘They face huge challenges’, from adapting to climate change to tackling pollution, he said.”

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