Let Them Eat Cake: Macron Dines with Swedish Royalty as French Farmers Sleep on the Motorway

President Macron enjoys a fabulous dinner with royalty in Sweden.

French President Emanuel Macron dined with Swedish royalty on Wednesday as French farmers continued their massive protest in Paris.

Let them eat cake.

While France burns Macron enjoys gala dinner in Sweden. pic.twitter.com/JOLNmprAsc

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The protesters are not backing down in France.


The farmers have lined up hundreds of tractors in protest on Le Touquet beach where French President Macron has a holiday house.

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French police are now arresting the protesting farmers and confiscating their tractors.

French police are now arresting farmers protesting against climate policies and confiscating their tractors.

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— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 31, 2024

Paul Serran wrote more earlier on this movement in France.

While President Emmanuel Macron hops around the world looking for some positive agenda – first in India, and now in Sweden – France is still reeling with the revolt od the farmers.

The biggest European agricultural producer has been brought to a halt as farmers lay siege to the capital Paris, while the young and inexperienced new Prime Minister Gabriel Attal tries to keep it together.

In his latest attempt at appeasement, Attal said he is implementing controls on foreign food products in order to guarantee ‘fair competition’ amid farmers’ protests.

The farmers’ protest has been going on for days, asking for better remuneration for their produce, less red tape, protection against cheap imports and an end to insane, crippling green regulations.

They camped at barricades around Paris, broadcasting their case that growing and rearing food has become too difficult and not sufficiently lucrative.

Stand with the farmers!! pic.twitter.com/MykMCCfxpi

— sandy (@3Sandy7_) January 31, 2024

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