New Investigation Reveals RNC’s Extravagant Spending Compared to DNC — Prioritizes Luxury Over Election Strategies

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An in-depth investigation by RedState has revealed concerning details about the spending habits of the Republican National Committee (RNC) under the leadership of chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, highlighting a troubling pattern of expenditure on non-essential items.

This report comes over a year after the initial exposé that revealed millions in donor funds being allocated to luxury items and high-end entertainment.

The latest financial scrutiny, drawing from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) records, compares the RNC’s spending to that of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from October 20, 2022, to November 30, 2023. The results display a stark contrast in financial priorities between the two parties.

Here’s a breakdown of the spending categories between the RNC and the DNC:

Floral Arrangements:

RNC: $70,328.00
DNC: $795


RNC: $1,078,279.47
DNC: $114,000

Office Supplies:

RNC: $297,717.64
DNC: $45,005


RNC: $263,127.25
DNC: $7,000

Voter File Maintenance:

RNC: $39,233.50
DNC: $235,865.88

GOTV Texts:

RNC: $86,019
DNC: $1,676,923.29

State Outlays:

RNC: $13,800,200
DNC: $23,835,437

RNC vs DNC Spending (Source: RedState)

The RNC’s fiscal decisions have raised eyebrows, with a stark contrast in priorities becoming evident. The organization has outspent the DNC in areas such as floral arrangements, consultants, office supplies, and limousines.

The DNC has channeled significantly more funds into key areas like voter file maintenance, GOTV (Get Out The Vote) texting campaigns, and state party support, which are traditionally vital for election success.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Fractal team learned the RNC wasted tens of millions of dollars investing in obsolete 1980s technology.  If left to the RNC data team, GOP candidates will lose every close election in 2024.

The appalling, 50% wrong canvassing lists RNC provided in 2020 and 2022, its inability to deliver real-time voter roll analysis in Arizona, its total blindness to armies of phantom voters in every state – is the prelude to the same incompetence – applied at scale – in 2024.

The RNC hasn’t innovated – 2024 will be 2022 revisited! 2024 will see America flooded with mail-in ballots.

Since Ronna Romney McDaniel assumed leadership of the GOP in 2017, the party’s grip on power has seemingly loosened. Under her watch, Republicans have experienced a series of electoral setbacks, losing eight gubernatorial races, three Senate seats, 19 House seats, and a presidential race.

An RNC insider informed RedState that while the headline figures suggest underinvestment in crucial areas, a significant portion of the party’s contributions to voter file maintenance and GOTV efforts are facilitated through transfers to state parties and payments to Data Trust, a key RNC vendor. Despite this, the disparity in direct spending remains notable.

The data was brought into public discussion on Charlie Kirk’s show with Jennifer Van Laar of RedState.

Kirk and Jennifer Van Laar delved into the RNC’s excessive spending, raising questions about the RNC’s fiscal priorities.

Charlie Kirk: “We have some bombshell news here, some exclusive news. Jennifer, you have here in the documents that are now going to be going public. The RNC, despite raising less money than the DNC, spent 1 million on management consulting. The DNC spent 114,000 on management consulting. What is management consulting?”

Jennifer Van Laar: “Well, it’s a category that really doesn’t have a lot of deliverables. It has just coaching for executives. It could be almost anything that they decide they want it to be. It could also be not much of anything. Something where they just want to toss some money to people. I’m not accusing them of saying that’s what they did, but it’s pretty nebulous and there’s not really anything to show for it.”

Charlie Kirk: “Yeah. So the next one, Jennifer, I want to go through is we hit the RNC for spending all this money on flowers and floral arrangements and they laughed and they just kept on doing it. The RNC spent 70,328 on flowers. The DNC spent 795 on flowers. Jennifer, what’s going on here?”

Jennifer Van Laar: “It’s just insane. And everyone should remember this is just in a 13-month period. So I’m not good at math, so I’m not even going to try to divide that. But that’s a lot of flowers every month and they don’t have that many events. And like you said last year when we spoke, I think as a donor you would rather win than have flowers at events.”

The discussion proceeded to cover other discrepancies, reflecting a broader concern about the RNC’s financial priorities and their impact on electoral competitiveness.


NEW — I got an exclusive first look at @jenvanlaar‘s new report on the RNC’s lavish spending on limos, consultants, flowers, and office supplies while skimping on GOTV, data, and state parties:

Floral Arrangements:
RNC – $70,328.00
DNC – $795

RNC – $1,078,279.47…

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) February 1, 2024

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