Relative of Chiefs Fan Who Was Found Dead: ‘We All Know’ How They Died

A relative of one of three Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead in early January outside of a friend’s home indicated in a new interview that the man who hosted the party had a history of supplying drugs to his friends.

Caleb McGeeney is the cousin of Clayton McGeeney, one of the Kansas City Chiefs fans who died, according to NewsNation.

Clayton McGeeney, Ricky Johnson, and David Harrington went to the home of Jordan Willis on Jan. 7 for a party to watch the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers. They were found dead on Jan. 9. Willis, an HIV researcher, has said he went to sleep for most of two days and did not know his friends were outside until police arrived.

Although police have said there was no foul play involved, there has been no indication of what caused the deaths. Caleb McGeeney offered his opinion in a new interview, saying Willis had a long history of making substances for friends.

“Jordan’s the chemist,” Caleb McGeeney said.

“They all knew him as that. It was easy for them to go have fun … but he made a mistake. Jordan was the chemist. He’s a scientist, right? He does what he needs to do,” he said.

“Now to use my cousin, my best friend, as a guinea pig? Nah,” he said.

When asked about drugs, McGeeney indicated Willis was the one who supplied them.

“Jordan is somebody that is known from high school as, like, creating drugs for people, to make them feel better in certain situations,” he said.

McGeeney said the truth will emerge in time.

“At this point, the country knows what’s gonna happen, what the toxicology report’s gonna reveal; we all know that,” he said.

“Who is the one that gave it to them, and who is the one that needs to be held responsible? Where did it come from?” he said

“The police are doing their job,” he said. “If if takes time, it takes time.”

He said he hopes when the investigation is complete “it comes out correct.”

Fox News reported that, based on a source it did not name, Willis has entered rehab, although specifics were not disclosed.

“After the shocking loss of three of his close friends under extremely tragic circumstances, Jordan recognized that he had a problem with addiction,” the source said.

Fox reported the source as saying Willis was “facing his addiction head-on” and that the death of his friends was an “enormous, heartbreaking wake-up call.”

Families of the men who were found dead met with a Platte County prosecutor Wednesday, according to WDAF-TV.

“I want to see what action is being taken, and that’s most important — what action is being taken,” Caleb McGeeney said.

WDAF reported that it had learned that the three men found dead Tuesday night, Jan. 9, were alive as of 1:30 a.m. Monday.

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