UPDATE: Newsome and Petitioners denied in Illinois – Election Board Votes to Keep Biden on the Ballot

Illinois patriots Peggy Hubbard, Shane Bouvet, Timothy Conrad, and Terry Newsome.

On January 30th the Illinois State Board of Elections voted unanimously to keep President Biden on the ballot for the November election. Despite the fervent and patriotic efforts of Terry Newsome – host of podcast Behind Enemy Lines – and his fellow objector, their petition was denied. In early January Terry Newsome and Tim Conrad objected, pro se, through a petition to the Illinois State Board of Elections to remove President Biden from the Illinois ballot. Of the two objections on the petition, the main concern revolved around the claim that President Biden had provided “aid and comfort” to the enemies of the United States in a direct violation of the 14th Amendment, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution. 

Unsurprisingly, in the hearing on January 30th, the focus of Biden’s attorneys had not changed in an open forum. Opposition to the petition was predicated on the repeated claim that no facts to support the petition were put forth. The rejection overlooks the evidence of Joe Biden’s border policy violating existing immigration laws. This evidence was, of course, documented in the petition. It would appear the disagreement is semantic in the sense that the term “fact” is in dispute.

However, in addition, the petition to remove President Trump was heard as well. In that petition, as in Colorado, the request to remove President Trump hinged on the claim that he incited an insurrection in direct violation of the 14th Amendment section 3 of the Constitution. 

The counsel for the Trump petitioners would make a claim “…that record shows to more than a preponderance of the evidence, that the candidate, Mr. Trump, Knowingly, and voluntarily engaged in an insurrection to prevent the peaceful transfer of power for the office of the Presidency.”           

On the contrary, as reported in a November 20, 2023 article from Zero Hedge, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence would suggest otherwise. Over 40,000 hours of J6 footage released last November shows there was no insurrection. Capitol police in many instances were seen chaperoning and letting people into the Capitol, there was never one firearm found on any J6 protester, and the only people to die on that day were Trump supporters.

Perhaps the gentleman representing the petitioners requesting President Trump’s removal from the Illinois ballot is simply unaware of this “preponderance” of evidence. Nonetheless, the FACT remains that President Trump has never been convicted, let alone charged with insurrection. Apparently, the petitioner’s attorney would benefit from legal consultation himself, as it appears the following has been proven repeatedly over the last three years: The President cannot be presumed guilty – without due process – of committing a crime against the constitution for which he was never charged nor convicted.  

Two different attorneys representing President Biden would go on to reject that there were any “facts” put forth in the objector’s petition that would provide the objector’s relief. These assertions, of course, belie the 64 actions presented in the petition demonstrating President Biden’s border policy, which contradicts existing immigration law. Additionally, as referenced in previous Gateway Pundit articles on the matter, there have been both known terrorists allowed to pass through the border illegally and U.S. arms left to the Taliban that have made it to State Department-designated foreign terrorist organizations such as Hamas. Terry Newsome made this astute observation in his statement to the board. 

Lastly, virtue signaling compliance to the Democrat majority is a common practice for Republicans in Illinois. This is the product of 40 years of rule by the political mob boss Mike Madigan. Madigan, the former disgraced Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, is famous for being widely perceived as the most powerful and corrupt state politician in the history of our country. At 1 hour 34 minutes exactly, you can hear a Republican on the election board courageously declare that an insurrection took place and “there is no doubt in her mind.” In Illinois, Republicans echo Democrat talking points, which is why the state is devolving into a Communist experiment. The decision is likely to be appealed.

Certainly, more petitioners of this brand are needed in the blue states. 



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