Boston Area Community Center Converted to Shelter for Illegal Border Crossers And Some Local Residents Are Not Happy About it (VIDEO)

Massachusetts has converted a state-owned community center in the Boston area into housing for illegal border crossers and not everyone who lives in the area is happy about it.

The community center is in Roxbury, one of the lower income neighborhoods of the city. They never put things like this were wealthy people live, do they?

People who live near this center and have depended upon it feel like they are getting the shaft. Which they are.

Boston 25 News reported:

Roxbury neighbors concerned about recreation complex being used as migrant shelter

Migrants who were sleeping at Logan Airport will have a new roof over their heads starting Wednesday. The Melnea Cass Recreational Complex in Roxbury will provide a temporary shelter to accommodate up to 100 migrant families. But not everyone thinks that’s the best spot.

“It’s a shame that the community heard from the Governor and DCR under these circumstances and not before,” said Louis Elisa, who is the President of the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association.

Elisa is a fixture in the Roxbury Community. He’s the president of a local neighborhood association he also worked for President Clinton with FEMA and NATO, so he knows how to resettle refugees and says the move to Roxbury falls short…

“The space while good is a gymnasium. It will not provide the health and safety and security that you want for families,” said Elisa.

The Daily Mail has more reactions from locals:

The site will be home to up to 400 migrants, until the end of May, and the authorities, as a sweetener, have promised upgrades to the facilities when the migrants eventually leave.

But many in the historically black and marginalized community were angry at the decision to hand over their sports center.

‘We sympathize with them, we as people in a community we love, but sometimes we love so many in spite of our own selves,’ said resident and community activist Clifton Braithwaite.

Tony DaRocha, who coaches young athletes for free at the Boston United Track and Cross-Country club, said he has not been told where his team can now go – with a meet set for Sunday.

‘We empathize with what’s going on,’ he told CBS News.

‘But at the same time our kids are impacted negatively. Our program is one of the few stable times in their lives.’

This mom complains that the state puts the people of the city last:

Mama FED UP with the illegal migrant crisis in Boston.

— Lawrence Jones III (@LawrenceBJones3) February 1, 2024

This man is very angry about it:

NEW: Boston man unleashes after his recreation center was turned into a migrant camp thanks to his liberal mayor and governor.

Instead of bringing the migrants into their own communities, the ‘loving’ liberals dumped them on a struggling black community.

“I’ve been here my…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) February 2, 2024

Do you think these people will think twice about voting for Democrats next time?

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