Illegal Border Crossings Down 76 Percent in January in Eagle Pass After Texas Governor Abbott Locks it Down

Illegal aliens in Eagle Pass, Texas

Illegal border crossings are down in Eagle Pass thanks to Texas Governor Abbott’s decision to lock it down.

The tension between Texas and the Biden regime intensified in January, with red state governors supporting Texas and their decision to defend the border.

Eagle Pass, one of the busiest ports of entry for illegals crossing the border, has seen significant statistical improvement since Texas locked it down.

In January TGP reported that Texas seized property along the Rio Grande in Shelby Park since the Biden regime has failed to secure the border.

Since the State of Texas has secured the border, there has been a major drop in the number of illegals from December to January.

According to the CBP, December 2023 saw over 71,000 apprehensions and by January the numbers dropped to just over 16,700. In one month, that is a 76 percent decrease.

Eagle Pass has been at crisis levels in the recent months with mass crossings at the Rio Grande which has led to very dangerous situations, especially for women and children.

NEW: More data on how significant the drop in illegal crossings in Texas’ Del Rio sector (Eagle Pass) has been since TX locked it down and MX increased their enforcement.
Per CBP sources:
71,048 apprehensions in December.
16,709 apprehensions in January.
76% decrease in 1 month.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) February 1, 2024

Although this is great news for Texas, the border crisis is far from being solved. To smugglers and cartels, this just means they have to change their strategy and go to other ports of entry.

In the last week of January, the CBP reported over 32,000 illegals were apprehended. Over 71 percent of them were in Arizona and California.

NEW: The large majority of illegal crossings at the southern border are now happening in AZ & CA, as a shift away from TX continues.

Per CBP sources, over the last week of January, Border Patrol apprehended 32,809 illegal immigrants.

23,576 of them (71.8%) were in AZ & CA.…

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) February 1, 2024

The Biden regime’s failure to protect the border is just shifting the problem. The current estimate is 11 million illegals have poured into the US in the last three years.

Since this is an election year, Biden was forced to talk about the border. The regime’s intentional neglect shows they have no intent to secure the border.

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