London Acid Attack Suspect is an Afghan Asylum Seeker and Convicted Sex Offender

The manhunt continues this morning in London for a male attacker who threw a suspected “corrosive substance” on a woman and her two children in a car following a collision Wednesday evening in the Clapham neighborhood.

A total of nine people were taken to the hospital in the acid attack. The woman and her two children were hospitalized, as were three people who came to their aid and came into contact with the substance. Three responding police officers were also taken to the hospital for reported “minor” injuries.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, the suspect in the London acid attack that injured 9 people.

The suspect behind the gruesome crime has now been identified as Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, an Afghan asylum seeker and convicted sex offender.

Police in the U.K. have named Abdul Shokoor Ezedi as their main suspect in an acid attack on a young mother and her two children, aged 3 and 8, in London yesterday.

Six other people, including three police officers, were also reportedly injured.

He remains on the loose and…

— Remix News & Views (@RMXnews) February 1, 2024

Abdul was reportedly granted asylum after a sex offense.

Video of Abdul was released following the attack.

Clapham chemical attack suspect was granted asylum after sex offence
Sky News has been told Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, the man suspected of throwing corrosive fluid over a mum and her two daughters, was convicted of a sexual offence in 2018. He was then granted asylum to stay in the…

— Camus (@newstart_2024) February 2, 2024

Abdul Shokoor was injured in the attack.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, and thousands like him, should NEVER have been welcomed into our country.

They should have been immediately deported.

Instead we now have swarms of these young males placed into communities all over the country.

A disgusting betrayal.

— Rupert Lowe (@RupertLowe10) February 2, 2024

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