SWATTER ARRESTED! California Teenager Faces Charges in Florida – Involved in Nationwide Swatting Incidents and Bomb Threats

Alan Filion (Source: Seminole County Sheriff’­s Office)

Alan Filion, a 17-year-old from California, is now facing legal repercussions in Florida for his alleged involvement in a series of swatting incidents across the United States.

The Seminole County State Attorney’s Office announced that Filion was extradited to Florida on January 30 to face charges related to a swatting call made to a mosque, marking a significant development in a case that highlights the dangerous trend of swatting.

The incident in question involves a threatening call made to the Masjid Al Hayy Mosque in Sanford, Florida, in May 2023. Filion allegedly claimed he was armed with a handgun and explosives, intending to commit a mass shooting “in the name of Satan,” a claim underscored by the sound of gunfire played during the call. This hoax prompted a massive law enforcement response, with approximately 30 officers dispatched to the mosque.

Filion’s activities extend beyond this single incident. He is accused of targeting a wide range of institutions, including high schools, historically Black colleges, mosques, FBI offices, and even making bomb threats against military bases and the Pentagon.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the FBI and the Department of Justice, traced the call back to Filion’s home in California.

In July 2023, authorities executed a search warrant at his home, leading to his arrest on January 18.

Filion now faces three felony charges of false reporting concerning the facilitation of an act of terrorism and a felony charge for the unlawful use of a two-way communication device with prejudice. Despite entering a plea of not guilty, Filion remains in custody, with his attorney declining to comment on the case.

FOX 35 reported, “The teen’s arrest affidavit states that he has been offering to treat this like a job since 2021, offering to make swatting calls for money all over the country. Investigators captured an online post they said Filion made, offering to call 911 about a gas leak or fire for $40 or make a mass shooting or bomb threat for $75.”

Approximately 30 politicians, journalists, and other political figures have swatted in America since November.

Republican Rep. Tom Emmer has said he is the latest victim in a long string of political figures being swatted.

“Tonight my family and I were the target of a ‘swatting’ incident involving a 911 prank call that wrongly diverted a police presence to my home,” Rep. Emmer said in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “Sadly, this illegal and dangerous scheme is being used nationwide to target elected officials.”

The Minnesota politician continued, “Thankfully, no one was home or injured. I condemn this illegal abuse of police resources. I want to thank the Wright County Sheriff’s Office for their professionalism and support. I will have no additional comment on this matter.”

It was reported that neoconservative presidential candidate Nikki Haley was the victim of a swatting on December 30.

The caller had claimed that he shot his girlfriend and was preparing to shoot himself at Haley’s $2.4 million waterfront estate on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Also, the White House was swatted after a prank caller claimed the residence was on fire.

Long Island Police also responded to a bomb threat Thursday morning at the home of leftist Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron following his latest attempt to screw over President Trump in his rigged New York civil trial.

Judge Chutkan’s house was also swatted after police received a fake emergency phone call about activity at her residence on Sunday night.

Missouri Attorney General Jay Ashcroft was also visited by police at his home.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, Georgia Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones (R) and Hunter Bide laptop figure John Paul Mac Isaac all reported being swatted by bogus police calls in late December. Georgia Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones (R) also reported his office received a bomb threat.

Also, Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D) was swatted Friday night (Dec. 30), according to police and Bellows, who was not home at the time. The swatting came a day after Bellows removed Trump from the March 5 Maine Republican presidential primary election over bogus 14th Amendment ‘insurrection’ allegations related to the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed that both of her daughters’ homes were swatted over Christmas.

Republican Senator and former Governor Rick Scott was swatted over Christmas. His Naples, Florida home was swatted in late December. After the Christmas attack Scott announced he was going to push legislation to ensure the “cowards” behind Swatting calls face real consequences.

The Boston mayor, Ohio Attorney General and several Ohio and Georgia state officials were swatted over Christmas.

GOP Rep. Brandon Williams was also swatted at home on Christmas day.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was also a victim of swatting during the holiday season.

Far-left billionaire George Soros also became the victim of a prank 911 call at his estate in Southampton, New York.

Last December, authorities have exposed a national swatting ring linked to LulzSec, a notorious black hat hacking group. The investigation, still underway, reveals a disturbing trend of children being recruited by the group and paid substantial sums in Bitcoin for their involvement in these dangerous pranks.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Okaloosa County School District, held a joint news conference to shed light on the ongoing investigation.

Breaking! National swatting ring exposed! Children in LulzSec, a black hat computer hacking group, are being paid thousands in dollars in Bitcoin! Investigation is ongoing!

Joint Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office/Okaloosa County School District Swatting News Conference

It’s a… pic.twitter.com/fyPcR65jl7

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