Democrat New York Council Woman Threatens to Slice Colleague’s Throat for Vote to Oust Her From Office

Tasha Diaz (L), Corazon Pineda-Isaac (R)

Not all politicians respond peacefully when there are calls to remove them from office.

Tasha Diaz, the majority leader of the Democrats for the Yonkers City Council, made threats last month at a council meeting when a colleague voted to oust her from her position.

Corazon Pineda-Isaac, a fellow councilwoman, voted against Diaz to keep her majority leader status. The vote, however, was unsuccessful and Diaz maintained her role.

Tasha Diaz was angered by the vote and made threats. The muttering comments were heard by several people in the council chambers. She allegedly said that she wanted to “slice this bitch’s throat.”

New York Post reported:

The Democratic majority leader of the Yonkers City Council allegedly railed that she wanted to “slice this bitch’s throat” after a fellow lawmaker voted unsuccessfully to remove her from the post earlier this month, according to a complaint.

Councilwoman Tasha Diaz made the alleged remark about Councilwoman Corazon Pineda-Isaac after a local council reorganization meeting on Jan. 2, multiple sources told The Journal News.

Several people in the local council chamber claim they heard Diaz mutter the menacing comment soon after Pineda-Isaac unsuccessfully voted against the Democratic majority leader retaining her role for the next two years.

“I need to get out of here before I slice this bitch’s throat,” one source recalled Diaz saying while she was still in the council chamber. New York Post reported.

This did not appear to be a one time statement. After Diaz went to the council President’s office, a different source alleged that she wanted to “slit” her (Pineda-Isaac) neck.

At this time, Diaz is still in the majority leader role.

Pineda-Isaac filed a complaint to City Hall against her colleague for the alleged threats. She also alleged that there were past comments that Diaz had made about her

“Pineda-Isaac claimed in the complaint she once overheard Diaz calling her a ‘backwards b—h’ and that she would ‘smack the taste out of my mouth.’” New York Post reported.

This was not a political party rivalry as both of them are Democrats.

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