How The Biden Regime Is Using The Taylor Swift Op To Foment A Cultural Color Revolution To Undermine The 2024 Election

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While it may seem outlandish at first blush, the Biden regime appears to be actively plotting yet another psyop – this time, by conscripting Taylor Swift and her legions of superfans to endorse Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race, much as she did in 2020.

The hope is that in the event of another close election, Swift’s influence as a pop culture icon will be enough to tilt the scales in Biden’s favor should the race be another nail-biter.

The Democrats have long used celebrity endorsements and their vast Hollywood connections to give them a leg up over their Republican counterparts in political races for seemingly time immemorial.

But two major factors are in play that make the Taylor Swift psyop stand out: first, their opponent this year, Donald Trump, is an A-list celebrity in his own right, having first become a household name in the world of media and entertainment before entering the world of politics.

Thus, the need to counteract the inherent star power Donald Trump brings to the table as a presidential candidate is heightened by not just the 45th President’s own celebrity, but also Biden’s serious deficiencies in charisma or even seemingly being able to demonstrate a pulse half the time he is in public.

The second factor that makes the need for a Taylor Swift psyop all the more urgent is the regime’s failure to otherwise quell President Trump’s momentum through non-political measures, such as by defeating him in the courts through the weaponized justice system.

In addition, recent polls indicate that Trump’s lead is widening over Biden in the general election, and thus the regime will be expected to pull out all the stops between now and election day to prevent that prospect from happening.

In short, it is far too great a risk to allow the democratic process to play out organically because the odds of Biden winning a legitimate presidential election are looking more dire by the day.

Of course, the Left is not exactly known for playing by the rules – instead they make up rules on the fly, and change them when politically convenient to do so, in order to game the system to their advantage.

Short of overt cheating, the regime is also known to employ soft techniques to manipulate the electorate – one way they do this, as well-known in conservative circles with the Hunter Biden laptop story scandal in the leadup to the 2020 race, is by outright censoring stories and platforms, either directly or indirectly, by labeling as “disinformation” any source they consider not credible — which is almost always happens to be the source telling the truth.

Another form of manipulation the regime and its propaganda agents in the mainstream media likes to regularly employ may be classified as a type of psychological warfare – which is readily on display with the Taylor Swift psyop.

Swift has been systematically targeted for the size of her fanbase, much as Beyonce was under Barack Obama.  Swift boasts 95 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, alone, and hundreds of millions across all her social media platforms.

Thus, the reasoning goes, even just a fraction of that following would be enough to potentially swing tens of thousands of votes in Biden’s favor.  Remember, 2020 was “won” by Biden with just 50,000 or so votes across 3 or 4 key battleground states.

Of just Swift’s X following, 50,000 represents a measly .05% of her total number of followers.  It is therefore perfectly reasonable that an endorsement from someone with Swift’s influence can, for better or worse, determine the outcome of a close presidential race.

But the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce psyop goes deeper than mere social media reach.  And this is readily apparent based on the regime’s full-throated meltdown after a handful of MAGA-aligned influencers, such as conservative talk show host, Mike Crispi, Trump advocate, Laura Loomer, and former presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy, among others, raised the possibility that Swift may be actively weaponized as part of the Biden regime’s arsenal to help bring down Donald Trump.

The Left’s response to this mere suggestion says everything: if the Taylor Swift psyop was just another absurd “conspiracy theory” peddled by a handful of “Far-Right” cranks, as every mainstream outlet – from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to the New York Times – would have you believe, then what, pray tell, explains the scale of the retaliation by every single powerful mainstream outlet in America, whose rush to “debunk” the theory was noteworthy for how seemingly coordinated it was.  If there was absolutely no credence to the allegation, mainstream media would not waste any time or energy “discrediting” the theory – or risk giving platforms to dissident voices whose opinions they deem anathema in the first place.

It is striking that Taylor Swift, who has been in the public eye for decades, only just this year took an interest in professional sports, the same year a consequential presidential election also happens to be taking place.

It is also noteworthy that she took an interest in the sports league that remains the most popular among Americans overall – the NFL, which still gathers tens of millions of eyeballs from both sides of the aisle.

Despite going woke in recent years, particularly in the aftermath of the BLM riots, the Super Bowl remains, by far, the most watched sporting event in the country – regularly amassing 100 million viewers, or about one third of America’s 330 million population, every single year.

It is further striking that Swift decided to start dating Travis Kelce, the star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs – whose team defied expectations by defeating the favored Baltimore Ravens to land themselves back in the Super Bowl.

It is one thing to suggest that the upset victory over the Ravens was the result of conspiracy; however, the fact that Taylor Swift became not just an annoying cheerleader for the NFL all throughout the season, but happened to zero in on a star player from a team now competing in the Super Bowl seems too much of a coincidence to be chalked up to chance.

Of course, all this may be explained by a deliberate and concerted effort to elevate Taylor Swift’s star power on the part of the mainstream media.  This doubtlessly has to do with Swift’s support for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in a pivotal election year.

If, for example, she had been pictured wearing a MAGA hat in the stands, not only would she have not landed whatever endorsement deal she is getting with the NFL, for starters, but she would have also been quickly demonized and made into a social pariah by the mainstream media for choosing the “wrong” candidate.

For evidence of the latter: look no further than the attention the rapper Snoop Dogg received this past week by mainstream outlets when he came out in support of President Trump, who, despite being a celebrity artist whose talent is at least comparable, if not superior, to that of Ms. Swift’s as a musical artist, was barely a blip on the legacy media’s radar.

Snoop Dogg also did not enter into a relationship with someone who became the poster boy for the Pfizer vaccine, after reportedly being paid off tens of millions of dollars to tout the controversial injection, at the height of the pandemic.

By sharp contrast, Taylor Swift, the devoted Biden supporter, and Travis Kelce, the Pfizer spokesman, is a match made in heaven for the deep state – something that, if it were not happening in real time, appears too good to be true, almost like a manufactured relationship tailor made for a manufactured regime.

Luckily, we can breathe a sigh of relieve knowing that most Americans are far too clever to live in conspiracy land; they live in the real world: a world where Joe Biden is popular; a world that, owing to his popularity, he won more votes than any other president in history; a world where the vaccines worked to stop covid and America is the safest and freest it has ever been.

A world where Taylor Swift’s endorsement matters, and that all well-adjusted Americans will obey her demands without question, for the edicts she proclaims from her chair as Empress of our popular culture are infallible – and should we disobey, we shall be met, justifiably, with the collective fury of Lawrence O’Donnell, Jimmy Kimmel, and the NY Times Editorial Page. That punishment is only fair to those who blaspheme the regime and its chosen saints.

This is the world of Democracy and Truth and Freedom, and thank God we have Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leading the way.

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