Jim Hoft with Grant Stinchfield: How the Democrats Are Ramping Up their 2020 Election ‘Dirty Tricks’ in 2024 – Republicans Better Wake Up! (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joins Grant Stinchfield on Real America’s Voice to Discuss New Documents on 2020 Election Fraud

On Friday night, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joined Grant Stinchfield on Real America’s Voice to discuss our explosive documents posted on Friday on the 2020 election fraud in Michigan.

On Friday, The Gateway Pundit published FOIA documents from 2020 requested by Yehuda Miller that reveal government officials were notified of election fraud in Michigan following Election Day in 2020. This is more evidence that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson knew about fraudulent election activities in the 2020 election. Of course, this followed the October 2020 full-scale investigation involving the Muskegon Police Department, MI State Police, lead investigators from the Attorney General’s office, and MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s office, involving over ten thousand voter registrations turned in by one individual at the city clerk’s office Muskegon, Michigan. (Read the original reporting on the multi-city MI Voter Fraud investigation story here).

Curiously, AG Nessel, who claimed the MI GOP electors knew there was no path to victory for Donald J. Trump because there were no successful election fraud lawsuits or evidence of widespread voter fraud in the state of Michigan, neglected to mention the ongoing multi-city, turned multi-state, voter registration fraud investigation that her own department was involved with that began ONE MONTH before the 2020 election.

Investigative journalist Yehuda Miller obtained documents from Michigan through a FOIA request that reveal Department of Justice officials knew on November 5, 2020, two days after the election, that there was a very serious accusation of voter fraud reported at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night. You can read this explosive report at The Gateway Pundit.

BREAKING: FOIA Documents Reveal Government Officials Notified of Election Fraud in Michigan Following Election Day in 2020

During the interview on Friday, Jim Hoft explained to Grant Stinchfield on how the Democrats and their big money groups are already gearing up for 2024 and it appears they are using tactics from their 2020 playbook.  Already there is evidence that Democrat donors are funding shady groups to go out and turn in thousands and thousands of voter registrations in states across the US.  Democrats call this “get out the vote” operations.  At Gateway Pundit, we believe these organizations are used to bank millions of new registrations, real or imaginary, for loading the voter rolls with millions of names for mail-in votes where they are needed.

Jim Hoft: We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen other examples of this at The Gateway pundit. We reported earlier, a few months ago, that in October of 2020, before the election, a clerk in Muskegon, Michigan, was sitting at her desk and someone brought in 8000 ballot registrations into her office just a month before the election. These ballot registrations, most of them had the similar handwriting, had names and addresses that didn’t match, phone numbers that weren’t real, addresses that may not have been real, etc. They recognized immediately that these were fraudulent registrations and these were turned into a town of Muskegon that has 30,000 people, eligible voters, and they’re bringing in 10,000 weeks before the election. So what’s interesting about this… Dana Nessel knew about this, too. The Attorney General in Michigan, she knew about this. This was not widely reported at all. A little local paper wrote something about this. Nessel turned it over to the FBI, where it went to die, this investigation. And we know from the Gateway Punnett, from some other evidence that we collected that this was happening in several counties around the state. We also know that this group, GBI strategies, was being paid big bucks from the Democrat donors and Democrat PACs, BlackPAC and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign were paying this group thousands and millions of dollars…

…Why is that? To put voter registrations on the books in case they need them during the election. Talk about shady! We’re also seeing, Grant. I hate to say we’re seeing this already in this election. Groups like that are being funded, some without even an Internet web address, are already getting money from George Soros. So we’re starting to see things ramp up for 2024. Democrats, of course, are going to use the same tricks they used in 2020, and Republicans better wake up!

As you are well aware – Ronna McDaniel and the Republican Party have no idea this is taking place.  Therefore, they have no strategy to confront it.

Watch the entire Stinchfield segment here.

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