California School Drops $250,000 On ‘Woke Kindergarten’ Program to “Disrupt Whiteness”, Students’ Grades Dip Even Further

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According to The Daily Caller, a California school district spent $250,000 on a ‘Woke Kindergarten’ curriculum while the majority of its students failed grade-level math, reading, and writing.

Woke Kindergarten has been giving teachers at Glassbrook Elementary School in Hayward training sessions for two years and is funded through a federal program for assisting low-performing schools, according to the Chronicle. Test scores for students at the school have fallen under the program, which pushes anti-police, anti-capitalism and anti-Israel messages.

Zeus Leonardo, a professor of education at the University of California Berkeley, says Woke Kindergarten promotes abolitionist education.

Their chief aim is to make “politics part of the framework of teaching,” Leonardo told the Chronicle.

Some teachers questioned using the program because it is linked to insane left-wing politics and activism, the Chronicle reported.

One teacher, Tiger Craven-Neeley, said he supports talking about racism in the classroom but was confused about one of the objectives set by the training to “disrupt whiteness” in the school, according to the Chronicle. He also questioned a trainer who used the phrase “so-called United States.”

Questioning the idea of “disrupting whiteness” got Craven-Neeley temporarily banned from training sessions, he told the Chronicle.

“What does that mean?” Craven-Neeley told the Chronicle. “I just want to know, what does that mean for a third-grade classroom?”

A teacher who wished to remain anonymous in the program said there could be no divergence from what the program advocates. “It slowly became very apparent if you were a dissenting voice that it’s not what they wanted to hear.” 

District officials defended the program when questioned and said it had increased attendance and decreased suspension rates, according to the Chronicle. The officials also said that the school was no longer on the state watch list, but the school is actually still on the list and had dropped even further.

The decision to hire ‘Woke Kindergarten” was approved by the school board and included the input of parents and teachers, Jason Reimann, superintendent of Hayward School District, told the Chronicle.

Some might say this is the “Go Woke Go Broke” meme imitating life.

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