NYC Professor Who Threatened New York Post Reporter with Machete Fired From Latest College Post

Shellyne Rodriguez, who was fired last year from Hunter College for threatening a New York Post reporter with a machete, got fired again from her latest position at Cooper Union.

This time she was fired over anti-Israel rants. The unhinged “professor” had posted on social media about ‘Zionists’ and had emailed her students about her termination from the college.

New York Post reported:

She already has a machete — now she’s gotten the ax.

Shellyne Rodriguez, the nutty professor caught on camera holding the blade to a Post reporter’s neck in May has been fired from her latest teaching gig at Cooper Union for anti-Israel screeds, The Post has learned.

“Cooper Union has fired me because of a social media post I made about ‘Zionists,’” Rodriguez, 47, wrote in an email to students a week after the spring semester kicked off.

“It is not clear which posts or comments got her canned but in January Rodriguez participated in a CUNY for Palestine panel and encouraged protesting landlords and business people with ties to Israel. Critics said she spewed antisemitic tropes.” New York Post reported.

Pro-Palestinian student groups were vocal about her firing being repression but brought relief to the Jewish students on the Cooper Union campus.

The bigger question is why would any college hire this violent and dangerous woman?

TGP reported in May of 2023, that Rodriguez cursed at pro-life students and threatened a reporter with a machete.

A New York Post reporter knocked on the door of Shellyne Rodriguez’s NYC apartment last May.

The aggressive pro-abortion professor flipped out and threatened the reporter.


With a violent attack like that, she avoided jail time with a plea deal.

Shellyne Rodrigeuz, 47, will avoid jail and most likely won’t even have a criminal record for holding a machete to NY Post reporter Reuven Fenton’s neck back in May.

The sweetheart plea deal included a pathetic six months of therapy offered by corrupt prosecutors in the Bronx. This after all is New York, so it isn’t surprising such insanity is taking place in the ‘justice’ system.

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