Hot Mic Catches Peyton Manning’s Son Saying NFL Pro Bowl Was “Scripted” (VIDEO)

In recent years, the NFL’s referees’ controversial calls, coupled with the surge in online betting, have sparked rumors that the NFL is scripted.

Now, legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning’s son, Marshall Manning, is calling the league scripted.

Following Sunday’s Pro Bowl Game between the AFC and NFC Pro Bowl teams, Marshall Manning told his uncle Eli Manning, who was coaching the NFC team, that “the refs won the game.”

He then further shared that the game was “scripted.”


As NFC won their second straight Pro Bowl games Peyton Manning son Marshall Manning to uncle Eli Manning

“You know the refs won the game… it’s scripted.”

— FirstSportz NFL (@FirstSportz_NFL) February 5, 2024

Per Larry Brown Sports:

Eli Manning’s NFC team got the better of Peyton Manning and the AFC at Sunday’s Pro Bowl Games, but someone was not entirely convinced that the result was a fair one.

Peyton’s son Marshall Manning could be heard telling Eli after the game that “the refs won the game” and the ultimate outcome was “scripted.”

To be clear, Marshall did not seem serious. The NFC had just won the competition with a late goal line stand, so Peyton’s orbit, competitive as they are, was likely to be a bit salty about that outcome.

Of course, plenty of fans also joke about the NFL being scripted, some more seriously than others. It is pretty tough to imagine, however, that the league would bother giving the Pro Bowl that treatment.

NFL fans are not only calling NFL games rigged, but some are claiming the relationship between Kansas City Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift is scripted, too.


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