Russia De-Militarizing NATO

I received the following query from Sputnik on Saturday:

Britain has proposed sending a NATO expeditionary corps to Ukraine.

London also allegedly suggested establishing a no-fly zone over Kiev-controlled territory and did not rule out strikes on “strategic infrastructure facilities in Russia’s northern regions”.

After that, according to the British plan, NATO forces would create a “buffer zone” within the occupied positions, including the border with Belarus and the territory around Kiev, and the released Ukrainian army forces should withdraw to the Special operation  zone.

We would be happy if you could comment on this matter.

Please, see my questions below:

1.  How do you assess this decision and do you think it is realistic? Should we take it seriously (or is this an attempt to appease Zelensky)?

2.  June 2023 Putin already said that Russia is considering the creation of a buffer (sanitary) zone in Ukraine “to solve the problem of shelling of Russian territories.” Is NATO trying to seize the initiative and why won’t they succeed?

Here are my answers to these questions:

With regard to your first question, this is a fantastical delusion on the part of the Brits and has no foundation in reality. But, just because the Brits are insane does not mean Russia can ignore them. It is a serious proposal. But the British Army is a hollowed-out shell. It is one-fifth the size of the force rescued from Dunkirk in World War II. The British Army is a toothless, bedraggled poodle. Can’t even deliver a serious bark, much less a bite.

In response to your second question, Yes, NATO is desperate to prevent Russia from securing all territory to the east of the Dneiper River. Up to this point the NATO countries have enabled the criminal activities of Ukraine and have not suffered any consequences. I believe they interpret Russia’s failure to respond as a sign of weakness. They confuse patience with ignorance. Given the growing turmoil in Kiev as the fight for control between President Zelensky and General Zaluzhny heats up, the Russians appear content to continue their attrition strategy as they systematically dismantle the Ukrainian Army. Russia, however, is enjoying an unexpected benefit — NATO also is being de-militarized.

Serendipitously, I discussed these issues with Nima the day before I received the questions. Enjoy.

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