BREAKING: In New Twist in Civil Fraud Case, Judge Engoron is Now Demanding Details About Possible Perjury by Trump Org CFO Weisselberg in 11th Hour Attack on Trump

Far-left Judge Arthur Engoron is now demanding information about possible perjury by Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg as he prepares to deliver a verdict in the civil fraud case against Trump.

The non-jury Soviet-style show trial played out in court for 11 weeks. Judge Engoron delayed the verdict to mid-February.

The judge cited a report from The New York Times on Weisselberg’s reported plea deal with prosecutors where he will have to admit he lied on the witness stand in Manhattan Supreme Court. Weisselberg will also have to admit he lied to Letitia James’ investigators as part of his plea deal with the Manhattan DA’s office.

Recall that Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg was railroaded by far-left New York Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan after he was indicted on trumped-up tax crimes.

According to the indictment, Weisselberg was accused of a “sweeping and audacious” tax fraud scheme for receiving $1.7 million in illegally ‘received tax-free perks such as apartments and car leases.’

Merchan completely railroaded Allen Weisselberg and forced him to plead guilty.. OR ELSE.

Weisselberg pleaded guilty to all 15 tax crime felonies in exchange for a reduced sentence in a plea deal with prosecutors.

The plea deal also required that Mr. Weisselberg to testify as a witness.

Judge Merchan ultimately sentenced Weisselberg to five months in Rikers Island jail in August 2022.

Prosecutors are now turning the screws on Weisselberg again and will use the information against Trump at the eleventh hour in the civil fraud case.

CNBC reported:

The New York judge set to deliver a verdict in the civil business fraud trial of Donald Trump has ordered attorneys in the case to give him details about possible perjury by former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg.

Judge Arthur Engoron, in an email to the attorneys made public Tuesday, said that if Weisselberg had lied in one aspect of his testimony, the judge might disregard anything Weisselberg has said on the witness stand or to investigators.

Engoron flagged a New York Times report last week that said Weisselberg is negotiating a deal with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office that would require him to plead guilty to perjury.

That report, which cited people with knowledge of the matter, said that Weisselberg would have to admit that he lied during his testimony at Trump’s fraud trial in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Weisselberg, 76, would also have to say he lied under oath during an interview with the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, the Times reported.

Judge Engoron had already ruled that Trump engaged in fraud and ordered the dissolution of Trump’s New York businesses. The New York appellate court stayed Engoron’s order.

Recall that radical Marxist New York Attorney General Letitia James sought $370 million in ‘damages’ when there is no victim in this fraud case and she is also seeking to ban Trump and his sons from operating any businesses in New York. She accused Trump of inflating his assets and defrauding lenders and insurance companies.

James originally sought $250 million in damages from Trump.

In addition to increasing the amount of ‘damages’ she wanted Trump to pay, Letitia James sought a lifetime ban for him from the real estate industry.

In November a Deutsche Bank executive who worked to approve at least one of Trump’s loans testified that it is “atypical, but not entirely unusual” to reduce a client’s asset values and still approve a loan.

Trump called the prosecution “election interference at the highest level.”

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