Megyn Kelly Explains Why Biden Won’t do a Media Interview During the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is declining the opportunity to speak to millions of Americans during the Super Bowl and Megyn Kelly thinks she knows why.

According to Kelly, it might have something to do with Biden recently claiming that he spoke with deceased French President Francois Mitterand.

Megyn might be on to something here.

From Real Clear Politics:

SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly on Tuesday discussed President Joe Biden refusing to sit with CBS News for a Super Bowl interview, his media defenders like Joe Scarborough, his latest gaffe about world leaders, and more.

“Last year he [Biden] could get away with it, because it was FOX,” Kelly said. “Evil FOX. Who would sit with them? That would be terrible. And but this year, it’s different story because it’s CBS. What does he have against CBS? Why won’t he go on CBS? There’s not even a reason. He’s just not going to do it because he won’t sit at the press. Because he can’t answer hard questions. I don’t mean he doesn’t know the answers. I mean, he physically cannot get the words out.”

Here’s the video:

Biden’s inner circle is making excuses.

From NBC News:

Biden is skipping a Super Bowl interview. His advisers say it’s part of the plan.

For the second year in a row, President Joe Biden is passing on the opportunity to sit down for a Super Bowl interview that could reach millions of Americans on Sunday — a move his advisers say is part of their larger communication strategy.

Biden’s aides believe many voters — already exhausted from a bruising political season — simply want to tune into the game. And that seeing the president pop up while waiting for kickoff might turn them off.

But some in his party worry about his decision to skip the opportunity so speak to millions of Americans.

“Either he doesn’t have anything to say or his team is worried about what he might say or how he’d say it,” said a veteran Democratic campaign operative, adding that Biden should have given a national address after recent retaliatory strikes in the Middle East. “Regardless, it’s a problem.”

Biden’s handlers are keeping him away from this interview for reasons that are obvious to everyone.

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