‘So Oddly Blatant’: Satanic Tapestry Featured at World Economic Forum

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‘The message is clear. In fact, explicitly clear’

The world’s richest people, whose who travel by private jet burning up fossil fuels from resort home to resort home all the while complaining that the “‘people” don’t want to buy expensive and unreliable electric vehicles to “save” the planet, do things differently.

Take, for example, what was represented to be “art” at a recent World Economic Forum gathering in Switzerland.

A “satanic” tapestry.

A report in the EU Times explained a “curious and disturbing” piece had gone viral after the Davos summit.

“It began when journalist Larry Alex Taunton went undercover to the annual globalist confab and infiltrated a conference room full of elites talking about the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals,” the report said.

“During their discussion, Taunton’s camera caught sight of the work of art, known as the Walthamstow Tapestry, hanging on the wall next to them.”

The report explained that tapestry “is a large mural created in 2009 by cross-dressing contemporary artist Grayson Perry.”

It shows, in the style of cave paintings, a birth, a man’s life, death, corporate promotions for various conglomerates and more.

“The tapestry begins with the birth of a baby along a river of blood that eventually flows into the waiting mouth of the Devil, ending in the death of an old man,” the report said.

A report in the Herald Posts said companies featured in the display include Coca-Cola, Sotheby’s, Red Bull and the BBC.

Social media users, the report said, were not hesitant to comment.

“Why would they put [that] up as a decoration?” asked one user, anonymous, on social media. “You’d think it would make some attendees get a clue. So oddly blatant.”

Others wrote they understood the messaging of the tapestry, one claiming it focuses on corporations, abortion and population control, while another said, “The message is clear. In fact, explicitly clear – it’s satanic.”

One commenter turned sarcastic: “It looks like Satan went on a bad acid trip and broke out the paint.”

Another said they were reminiscent of murals that have been displayed at the airport in Denver, Colorado, which “appear to envision various globalist goals, foremost of them is the depopulation of humanity under the guise of ‘protecting nature”” the report explained.

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