EXCLUSIVE: Who Won Georgia in 2020? New Evidence Provides Vital Clues – And How to Stop Voter Fraud in Georgia in 2024 BEFORE Election Day!

6 weeks ago, Georgia and Florida citizens asked Fractal to gather official Georgia 2020 election data, provided by the Secretary of State, to determine who won Georgia in 2020.

The Fractal team applied quantum-result Fractal technology, delivering insight impossible with obsolete SQL relational systems – currently used by every secretary of state in America – and every national voter integrity organization.

Using Fractal quantum technology – the Fractal team built a “digital sandbox” with all available Georgia data – from many sources – recreating with official records, what happened in Georgia in 2020.

What you will see in this video – the first of several upcoming Georgia videos – is why every state in the U.S. has from 5% to 20% of its voter roll with inaccurate data. 

That’s alarming when elections are determined by less than 1% of the vote!

This video below shows first-time voter registration rolls, cast ballot rolls, death records, known address records, Georgia county property tax records, NCOA change of address records and other databases integrated into a single Fractal “query surface” – accessible with one click – from any digital device – even a phone.

At 200 million transactions per second!

Using advanced Fractal quantum analysis, artificial intelligence techniques tested at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, similarity search, cross database search – Fractal determines how “clean” Georgia voter rolls were in 2020 – and offers insight into whether the Georgia ERIC system did its purported job.

ERIC, used by Georgia to clean its voter rolls – is highlighted throughout this analysis – live for every viewer to see.

** Read more about the ERIC System here.

As the video shows, with a single click, a user can determine if a voter cast a ballot yet was not in the voter registration file.  If they did, why didn’t ERIC catch it?

With a single click, one can determine if a Georgia voter has multiple official voter IDs – the equivalent of having multiple Social Security Numbers.  If so, why didn’t ERIC catch it?

*With a single click, one can determine if a Georgia 2020 voter cast a ballot from an ineligible address – like a warehouse, UPS store, Post Office or vacant lot – that was counted!  In such a case, why didn’t ERIC catch it?

This Fractal Georgia database is the single largest database of Georgia voter data ever integrated into a single query surface – offering the user the ability to ask complex questions – from their phone – with a single click – results at 200 million transactions per second.

No complex programming – no expensive computers.  This system was built in 3 weeks.

This Fractal system runs on a computer smaller than two packs of cigarettes – costing less than $300.

The disruptive aspect of this Georgia Fractal system is not what you see in this video below. 

The disruption is what this Fractal system does for 2024 – in Georgia – to stop ballots being mailed to ineligible recipients – who will vote – or have someone vote for them – via mail-in ballots.

Meet the Undeliverable Ballot Database!

This Fractal Georgia system is the first real-time voter reconciliation system ever built – now being deployed – through generous 3rd party funding – from non-political actors.

For the first time, property tax rolls, death records, NCOA Postal change of address records, 911 records and other databases – are cross searched – instantly – against every new voter registration – to determine if that person claims a Walmart as their home.

For the first time, every mail-in ballot going to an ineligible recipient is flagged BEFORE it goes out.  Every new voter registration is flagged – IF the person lives in a utility shed without a bathroom – before the vote is cast – not litigated afterward.

ERIC – as you will see – misses ALL OF THIS!

People voting from colleges, universities, RV parks are identified via time series analysis – with thousands to tens of thousands – voting for 30 or 40 years – from transient addresses.

211,958 Georgia voters in 2020 voted from inappropriate addresses

Fractal will demonstrate in upcoming videos for Alabama, Ohio, Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New Hampshire and 12 other states – the same dirty voter rolls.”

Maybe in these states going to college is a 20 – year experience!

Fractal does not judge.  Fractal lets citizens in these states – via time series analysis – determine if it is OK for hospital patients, rehab patients, college students, to vote for decades from these clearly “transient” addresses.

It must be OK, because in every state in America, there are thousands into tens of thousands doing it – and the government is doing NOTHING about it.

In Alabama, Fractal found people, at fraternity houses, voting for decades – one was over 100 years old!  Upcoming video.  People – this is everywhere!

Fractal gives citizens the power to challenge anomalies – like 34 people living in an 874 square foot Alabama or Georgia home with one bath and one bedroom.

Fractal gives citizens extraordinary insight – from their phone – with one click – with more technology in their hands than their government can muster with tens of millions of dollars a year in state budgets!

2024 is the birth of citizens fighting back with the Undeliverable Ballot Database.

For the first time, election anomalies can be stopped BEFORE votes are cast, not litigated afterward!

Georgia and Florida teams are ingesting voter rolls, new registrants and cast ballot information for cross search through the 2024 election.

In some states, voter rolls are ingested daily to find illegal aliens registering to vote when they get a driver’s license.

This is the first Undeliverable Ballot Database system where Georgia citizens can determine – before ballots are sent out – where ballots are being sent to illegitimate addresses – that may raise the same integrity questions in 2024 as are now raised for 2020.

Thanks are due to the Georgia county governments who provided property tax rolls for building and home identification.  Thanks to the Georgia and Florida citizens who built this system using Fractal and the single organization – who wants to remain nameless – who funded this Fractal license.

The entire cost for this system – for a full year – is less than $250,000.

This is a tiny fraction of what the Georgia Secretary of State is currently spending on ERIC, on massive staffs, on Salesforce systems – none of which can catch what Fractal found with diligent citizens – in a couple of weeks – and you can see in a 50 minute demo.

The Georgia voter rolls – as Fractal shows without a doubt – are wildly inaccurate to the point where they should NEVER be used for ANY election – and Fractal looks to Georgia to provide ALL ITS DATA to prove us wrong!!!

In subsequent Georgia videos, Fractal will show the thousands of people who changed their names – slightly – to vote more than once.  All missed by ERIC.

Videos are currently in production showing the Georgia Secretary of State office changing HISTORICAL VOTER RECORDS – years after an election – to make things match.  Fractal finds this with – again – one click!

In 2024 – the Undeliverable Ballot Database can determine who wins Georgia – and make Georgia citizens confident of the result.

The Fractal state systems for voter roll analysis and Medicaid fraud analysis are highlighted at Omega4America.com.

The Omega4America Fractal team is posting similar videos for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Alabama, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, Mississippi and other states with similar issues.

In several states, Secretaries of State are using Fractal to perform a data audit of their voter rolls – to fix these problems before 2024.

Any questions should be directed to the Omega4America.com Fractal micro-website.

Here is the Georgia 2020 results video. This is an incredible video.

Georgia 2020 – Who Won Georgia? from Omega 4 America on Vimeo.

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