Open Border Allows Chinese Special Operators to Infiltrate America

Source:  CBS

Across the open Southern Border, a mass of humanity is flooding America.  The new phenomenon is large groups of Chinese Nationals.  Even legacy media is now acknowledging the Chinese invasion across the Southern Border.  They land in Ecuador by air from China, then move on bus, foot through the Darian Gap in Panama, and back onto buses after a quick stay at Department of Homeland Security Camps in Panama.  5,000 a day total migrants, equating to more than 100 buses northbound daily.

Some are fleeing the Chinese Communist Party, some are escaping the collapsing economy, but some are very different.  Watch for the younger-ish males with good teeth, flat stomachs, military haircuts, and the avoidance of eye contact.  Those are the initial discriminators that begin to indicate a military connection.  Teeth?  Yes, one of the major reasons for non-deploy-ability of U.S. soldiers is dental issues.  China mimics everything American Military, and that likely includes deployment standards.  Michael Yon, former Special Forces Operator has documented the Chinese invasion at length.  I spent some time with him and Ann Vandersteel and others documenting this in Panama.

Where do these incoming Chinese Special Operators trace to?  Most likely, it is the mundane-sounding Strategic Support Force (SSF).  This is the Chinese equivalent of Special Operations Command, only much bigger, much more unconstrained by the Constitutional rule of law and that kind of silliness.  Distributing a mass, lethal pesticide such as Fentanyl and up-gunned cannabis as an attractant that kills 10,000 a month is easy without these moral and legal guardrails.  It’s all in a day’s job for the men and women of the PLA SSF.

Source:  Vermilion China

They are gravitating toward Bio Labs, Fentanyl, Gun Ranges, and Cannabis Operations

Where are they going?  A few stay in Panama to build the capacity and capability of traditional Chinese enclaves, and take them over.  Most continue north.  Some stay in Mexico to oversee the production and distribution of Fentanyl, as an April 2023 Department of Justice indictment shows.  Once in the U.S., there is definitely an interest in gun ranges and tactical training of some of these Chinese nationals, training that is hard to get in China.  Like many other things, this training is likely duplicated back in China once enough is learned about the training.  Some actually obtain citizenship and then penetrate U.S. Government Departments and Agencies.

In Reedleyville, California, we now have a dangerous bio-lab run by illegal Chinese Nationals.  Not too far away is Lemoore Naval Air Station, where all the West Coast Navy Fighter-Attack Squadrons are located.  It would be awful to have all the crews infected with a bioweapon.  The Chinese have also muscled in on “legal” Cannabis operations.  Any high cash operation is a wonderful opportunity for skimming off the proceeds and paying the latest street agitators.  Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Transgender, and now Palestinian protestors are paid and bussed on que – a professional outrage industry.

Source:  NBC

Chinese on Chinese violence and intimidation

What is also noticeable now is the Chinese-on-Chinese violence (i.e., not American Citizens, but Chinese Nationals).  Some is purely about the money as it appears in a disagreement in an Oklahoma Cannabis ring.  With the high cash of “legal” Cannabis, one only needs to watch the first few episodes of “Tulsa” to understand the endless possibilities of these cash operations.  Or incidents of Chinese on Chinese violence can be dismissed away in Las Vegas Sniper Investigation style as “workplace” violence like a recent event in California.  Academic disagreements are also another scenario.

Intimidation, coercion, and threats of rendition back to China are becoming common, as a Department of Justice indictment revealed in 2022.  In 2023, the Chinese Special Operators doubled down and were exposed for running a broad intimidation campaign.  Forty were indicted this time.  Some of them might not be in America, but when their names are exposed, a funny thing happens to them in China.  They go missing.  Chinese “Police Stations” are foundational for the SSF-overseen Special Operator program inside of America.

Source:  AP

In the absence of Federal Action, State level action to detain and intern the worst of the worst

In the stages of insurgency, the question is, are these Chinese Special Operators now transitioning from individuals and small groups into larger organized units?  Once organized, could these units be used to foment violence and carry out attacks on a larger scale when directed to?  I would say it is likely and probable.  What should be done about it?  In a functional model of American Federal Governance what should happen is that a working group at the White House would be spun up to determine roles and missions of the different Departments and Agencies.  A determination is then made on a “Lead Federal Official” by name and then all other Departments and Agencies become supporting units to that lead.

That’s the way it should work and exactly what the Biden Team should be doing.  It’s not clear in public that this is happening, so what should be done?  Two things.  First – the House should force action and has been discussing an Authorization to use Military Force (AUMF) against the Chinese-led Cartels in Mexico.  There is now law to start assembling the U.S. Government on this topic.  This AUMF should be front and center, along with closing the Southern Border and impeaching Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.  Another action is for States and Counties, including Constitutional Sheriffs, to start exercising their Constitutional authorities, which is also happening with the developing border situation with Texas.  It may take States and Counties to lead by example on a few micro-applications of Constitutional authority.

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