‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Climbs to Top of the Sphere in Las Vegas (VIDEOS)

An activist who calls himself “Pro-Life Spiderman” has climbed to the top of The Sphere in Las Vegas.

The climber, Maison Des Champs, is famous for completing perilous climbs to raise money for pro-life causes and to support women in crisis pregnancies.

Des Champs said in an Instagram video that he was climbing the Sphere to raise money for a homeless woman who was pregnant.


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The Las Vegas police took Des Champs into custody after he made it to the top.

“He is currently on top of the building and we are working to get him down,” said Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill during a press conference.

A man has somehow gotten atop the Sphere in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The man atop the Sphere has been identified as Maison DesChamps. Photos from his social media suggest he climbed the Sphere in protest of abortion.

The public has been told to stay… pic.twitter.com/gffWZLgaMG

— RedWave Press (@RedWave_Press) February 7, 2024

The massive sphere has a 580,000-square-foot exterior.

It’s Maison Des Champs, otherwise known as the “Pro-Life Spider-man.”

He climbs structures and buildings like the sphere and the empire state building in order to raise money for pro-life/younger pregnancies.

He’s an awesome guy!! pic.twitter.com/Lctv0WgylZ

— john carelli (@carellijawn) February 7, 2024

Let Them Live, an organization that Des Champs often works with, said in a statement that he chose Las Vegas to coincide with the Super Bowl.

“While half a million football fans arrive in Las Vegas for Superbowl LVIII, Des Champs wants to shake the public into caring about the fate of unborn children in our country,”the statement read.

Des Champs has previously raised money for crisis pregnancies by climbing the Accenture tower in Chicago, the New York Times Building in Manhattan, the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, and many other skyscrapers.

He also once climbed to the top of the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas to protest COVID restrictions.

“When he climbs these buildings, he does so without the aid and protection of ropes, a harness and other gear. This method of climbing, known as free soloing, is incredibly dangerous. Even a slight miscalculation or a poorly placed hand or foot can result in falling to one’s death,” NPR reported in 2022.

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