With King Charles Treated for Cancer, His Wife Kate Recovering From Surgery, Britain’s Prince William Is Back on Public Duty, Carrying the Torch for the Royal Family

While it is cushioned in incredible privilege, the job of the British Royal family – specially the King and his heir – is all about serving the people and the realm.

So, even if his father King Charles is being treated for cancer, and his wife Princess Kate is away from public appearances while recovering from abdominal surgery, William, the Prince of Wales, is back on public duty.

The heir to the British throne is set to take on a much more prominent role in his father’s absence.

Reuters reported:

“William postponed all his planned engagements to look after his three children after Kate, 42, underwent planned abdominal surgery on Jan. 16.

Since then, his father has undergone treatment at the same hospital as Kate for an enlarged prostate, before Buckingham Palace announced on Monday that subsequent tests on the 75-year-old monarch had revealed he had a form of cancer.

On Wednesday, William, 41, made his first official public appearance since the series of health blows to the royals when he carried out an investiture – a ceremony to hand out state honours – at Windsor Castle and will later attend a gala dinner for London’s Air Ambulance Charity.”

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Charles has postponed all public duties as he has out-patient treatment and Kate is not expected to return to engagements until after Easter.

William will have to carry the work forward, and provide a public face for the monarchy.

Royal author Robert Hardman:

“On many occasions he will have to stand in, he’ll be sort of quasi head of state in much the same way that Prince Charles was when the queen was infirm.”

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Charles and Queen Camilla travelled to Sandringham House, his home in eastern England, after the King had a shockingly brief meeting – of about 30 minutes – with his estranged son Prince Harry, who flew in from California.

It is a most sinister coincidence that both Royals accused by Harry and his American wife Megan of being racists towards their son – Charles and Kate – are now experiencing serious medical problems.

There are reportedly no plans for Harry to see his elder brother William during his visit to Britain.

Charles will continue much of his private work as monarch, including his weekly audience with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

William’s return to work in these circumstances should counter the criticism he has been receiving for being so ‘royally’ well paid.

Newsweek reported:

“Prince William has come under fire for the size of his ‘paycheck’ after anti-monarchy campaigners argued he has an effective $160,000 per hour salary. Republic calculated the eye-watering sum based on the number of public engagements the future king has completed so far in 2023.

[…] Graham Smith, Republic’s chief executive, said in a statement: ‘William likes to claim he works hard, adding one issue after another to his list of missions. First he’ll tackle Middle East peace, then the environment and now homelessness. The truth is he barely works at all. It takes a deep sense of entitlement and a complete lack of serious scrutiny for William, Kate and the others to rake in multi-million pound fortunes, to enjoy the status and privileges of their positions while doing so little’.”

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