Are the United States And Europe Are Hell Bent On Sparking World War III?

The U.S. and Europe — the Brits in particular — are out of control and flouting international law as they carry out military strikes in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. The West claims it is an act of self-defense, but instead of killing or arresting specific individuals responsible for attacks, it is engaged in collective punishment. I think we are coming to a point where anger against the West is going to boil over and the U.S. and Europe may get a taste of their own medicine. All of this was avoidable, but the U.S. and Britain have convinced their citizens that attacks on foreign countries without the backing of the UN is entirely appropriate. It is not. These actions shred international support for the U.S.-proclaimed “rules-based international order.”

The latest incident to spark outrage is a hellfire missile strike in Baghdad.

According to CENTCOM, Abu al-Saadi was the only target of the assassination in Baghdad. Acording to them, he was responsible for attacks against American bases.

According to a pro-resistance source close to the PMU, al-Saadi was assassinated alone in a car without any other companions being assassinated, contrary to the initial reports of a second person.

[Other] Reports state that the targeted assassination hit the vehicles of Kataib Hezbollah commanders, namely Abu Baqir al-Saadi and Hajj Arkan al-Alaywi.

The United States ostensibly has friendly relations with the Government of Iraq. The normal procedure under the “rules-based international order” requires the United States to issue an indictment against the alleged perpetrators of Tower 22 bombing and then present that to the Government of Iraq and request arrest and extradition. Rather than follow a diplomatic route, the United States carried out an act of war on the sovereign territory of Iraq. This act gives Iraq — again under the “rules-based international order” proclaimed as sacrosanct by the United States — the right to strike back against U.S. targets.

In the immediate aftermath of the assassination, Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad chanting ,”God is Great, America is the Great Satan”.

I would not want to be a U.S. diplomat or CIA officer in Baghdad. They are going to be targeted and I would not be surprised if they are attacked. This type of action does not diminish the enthusiasm for attacking U.S. bases and personnel in Iraq. Just the opposite.

BREAKING: With Harakat Hizbullah al-Nujaba leading the way in solidarity with Kata’ib Hizbullah, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq has just struck the illegal US ZOG base on Al-Omar oilfield in Syria’s Deir Ezzor! Suicide drones have caused HUGE explosions!

Don’t think of this alone as the strikeback for Hajj Abou Baqir al-Saadi ( (R.A.)! No, occupiers! This is but the beginning!

I believe the coming days will see a significant increase in attacks on U.S. bases and personnel in the region. This most likely will lead to further attacks by U.S. forces on targets inside Iraq, which is only going to enrage the Iraqi people and force the Government of Iraq to demand that the U.S. withdraw its forces. Worst case, Iraq breaks relations with Washington.

Iraq is not the only one pissed off at Washington’s antics. Biden’s National Security mouthpiece, John Kirby, did some serious damage over the past twenty four hours with this stupid comment:

On-the-Record Press Gaggle by NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby – White House, Feb 6 2024

Q Hey, Kirby. Thank you so much for doing this. When America is talking about a hostages deal, is it part of a bigger deal of normalization with Saudi Arabia, or are we talking about two different paths here?

MR. KIRBY: No, these are two different things. […]

At the same time, we were, before the 7th of October, and are still now having discussions with our counterparts in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia — obviously, the two key ones — about trying to move forward with a normalization arrangement between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

So those discussions are ongoing as well. We certainly received positive feedback from both sides that they’re willing to continue to have those discussions. But that is a separate track and not related specifically to trying to get this extended humanitarian pause in place. Both are really important though.

The Saudis wasted no time in issuing a blistering denunciation:

Saudi Response

This letter is diplomatic speak for calling the United States a bald-faced liar. The Biden team has failed to learn that you cannot make palatable chocolate mousse out of cow manure.

The rage against the West is not confined to the Middle East. A video was posted tonight showing a couple of Russian gentlemen confronting British diplomats at a restaurant in Moscow. The anger is real and growing.

If the shoe was on the other foot and a foreign government carried out an attack in Washington or London, would the U.S. or the Brits sit back and do nothing? Of course not. The United States has grown accustomed to wantonly using military force without a clear strategic objective. This is not something unique to Biden. Obama did it, George W. Bush did it and Bill Clinton did it. The United States got away with it in the past without suffering any significant blowback that threw into question the effectiveness and competence of its military power.

We are now witnessing a turning point. The U.S. use of military proxies in Ukraine and Syria literally is blowing up in its face. Ditto in Yemen. The U.S. will continue bombing and the Houthis will continue to launch anti-ship missiles and drones. This is headed towards an escalation that the U.S. cannot afford to fight, especially in an election year. Americans are not psychologically prepared to lose. That was the message of George Patton.

Yet, if the United States continues on its present course of trying to bomb its way to peace it will fail and fail spectacularly. Both in Ukraine and in the Middle East. When that happens, America will be turned upside down. I am not saying the United States is incapable of winning a military victory in theory, but pursuing that course of action would require the United States to undergo a massive mobilization and a restructuring of the economy in order to re-create a competent industrial base that could support and sustain such an effort. That ain’t going to happen. The current U.S. military campaigns are more likely to destroy American influence overseas and spark domestic unrest that will create chaos across the breadth of America. The people of the United Staes are going to learn a hard lesson — there are limits to what can be achieved with conventional military power.

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