Disturbing ‘Columbine’ Inspired Plot Uncovered in Student’s Manifesto at Chippewa Falls School District — Targets Included Christians, Jocks, and Preppy Girls — School District Silent for Over Three Months

Eric Harris (left) and Dylan Klebold in the school cafeteria during the Columbine shooting on April 20, 1999.

A disturbing plot inspired by the infamous Columbine High School massacre, which resulted in 13 deaths and 20 others being injured before turning their guns on themselves and committing suicide, was uncovered at Chippewa Middle School.

An exclusive report, obtained by Steven Crowder’s Louder with Crowder’s MugClub Undercover unit, which previously disclosed the manifesto of Nashville school transgender shooter Audrey Hale, reveals that the school district did not disclose information for more than three months regarding a student’s manifesto that described a “terrorist” threat against their peers.”

The threat targeted specific groups, including Christians, “jocks,” and “preppy” girls.

The discovery was made possible through the vigilance of school administration and the utilization of the “Aristotle alert system,” a digital monitoring tool designed to flag concerning content typed into school Chromebooks.

The investigation began at approximately 12:30 PM when Officer Downey was alerted by Dean of Students, Corey Hahn, about multiple Aristotle alerts linked to a single user’s account. These alerts were triggered by searches for content ranging from the Columbine High School massacre to instructions on manufacturing explosives.

The initial alert, dated October 22, 2023, led to a YouTube video detailing the Columbine shooting. Subsequent alerts raised alarms with searches on how to make pipe and nail bombs, alongside visits to several websites providing instructions on creating homemade explosives.

Upon reviewing the alerts, Officer Downey and Dean Hahn interviewed the student involved, who claimed to be fact-checking for a book titled “The Anarchist Cookbook,” known for containing instructions on making explosives and illicit drugs. Despite the student’s claim of mere curiosity, the content and timing of the searches raised immediate concern.

A deeper investigation into the student’s digital footprint uncovered a manifesto within a checkered notebook, detailing plans for a violent attack inspired by past school shootings.

The manifesto explicitly stated intentions to kill as many students as possible using homemade explosives, with specific disdain directed at Christians, “jocks” and “preppy” girls.

According to the police report: “[redacted] continues on the next page talking about how [redacted] hates Christians and [redacted] wants to f—king end it all. [redacted] talks about the indoctrination of children in reference to Christianity. [redacted] states “I want to kill every old man and woman who has claim to the father, son and Holy spirit by chopping their f—king heads off and putting them on a stick to show there is no god only human nature…”  [redacted] then continues talking about how needs a woman to assist him because “just because you have a nice face and a set of boobs doesn’t mean your above anyone else…””

“The next page [redacted] talks about how [redacted] plans on targeting the jocks and then explains why [redacted] would target the jocks. [redacted] continues stating “I will when I am 18 take a drive to the store and buy a 20-gauge shotgun and drive up to the Canadian wilderness and off myself but I think that I will follow through with the massacre.” It talks about purchasing a trench coat black, combat boots, cargo pants and a black shirt with the word “WRATH” inscribed on it with red letters. [redacted] continues stating that [redacted] going to try and murder as many people as [redacted] can by shooting them as they make their way into the school. [redacted] references Columbine by stating [redacted] looking for [redacted] Dylan to [redacted] Eric. [redacted] mentions a bomb by the propane in the lunch line, but states it’s much harder because of the surveillance equipment.”

Another part of the report states, “Principal DeRusha explained his viewpoints on the manifesto. [Redacted] then began to talk with [redacted] about the manifesto. [Redacted] stuck to [redacted] wording that [redacted] was just writing it down because [redacted] was angry and they were just thoughts and [redacted] was not a violent person. I asked if [redacted] had talked to anyone else about this. [redacted] stated[redacted] had and that it was to a mental health program called “Trevor” which is geared towards the LGBTQ community. [redacted] confirmed that spoke with this “Trevor” system on several occasions on [redacted] plans. I asked [redacted] what steps [redacted] has taken to start [redacted] planning. [redacted] stated none. [redacted] interrupted and informed me that [redacted] just this morning had asked her about making a smoke bomb. She confirmed she just wrote that off as something odd that a student or a person would say.”

BREAKING: Police Report Confirms “Columbine” Style Mass Shooting Plans Found in @ChippewaFallsSD Student’s “Manifesto”; Specifically Wanted to “Kill” Christians, Jocks, And Preppy Girls with ‘Pipe Bombs’ and ‘Automatic Assault Rifles’; School District Failed to Notify Parents For… pic.twitter.com/z0iO3MO34p

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) February 7, 2024

Despite the expulsion of the student responsible for the manifesto, parents and the community were left uninformed until Steven Crowder announced his intention to publish the police report.

“We would like to make an important matter clear: At no time were any of our students at risk or in harm’s way, thanks to our middle school staff’s dedicated efforts. Our staff is trained to be alert to threats, issues, rumors, unusual behavior, and countless other matters that may impact on school safety. They strive to be proactive and intervene before problems can take hold, fester, and become far more serious. They do so selflessly and with the best interests of our children at heart. This is how our staff approached the situation that developed at our middle school last fall,” according to the school’s statement.

“As everyone knows, a school district is prohibited under state and federal law from providing personally identifiable information about student discipline. We appreciate parents’ concern and frustration that, at times, we cannot share as much information as we would like; we can only hope that our community will understand that we must follow the law and, if you think about it, almost any parent would want us to use the utmost discretion if it was about their child. At the very least, issues that involve student safety and welfare should not be sensationalized.”

UPDATE: After we informed @chippewafallssd we would be publishing a police report detailing the disturbing manifesto and plans they deemed not threatening enough to inform parents, they sent the following to families and staff:

“At no time were any of our students at risk or in… https://t.co/PjaF6VDgeG pic.twitter.com/J9L6VGjIDI

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) February 7, 2024

Superintendent Jeffrey Holmes of the Chippewa Falls School District has issued another letter to the families, aiming to mitigate concerns and clarify the school’s position on recent media reports regarding school safety. Holmes labeled the police report as misinformation.

“This parade of misinformation provides good cause for me to share how we approach these situations. I hope that understanding more about our process will help our stakeholders appreciate how these decisions are really made. Covering up information has never been our goal and suggesting that we treat sensitive student behavior and disciplinary situations as an opportunity for secrecy is, quite simply, false,” Holmes said in a statement.

“As an initial matter, it is unfortunate when irresponsible, quasi-media personalities sensationalize these situations. Their comments are not accurate and potentially dangerous. They strangely complain that we provide them with no information, but report on events as though they are fully informed. It is manipulative beyond measure and the citizens of our District-and certainly the faculty and administration that addressed this issue successfully-deserve better. For our constituents, we are sorry that the law does not allow us to provide more information than we do when commentators spin events in our District just to frighten them.”

BREAKING: @ChippewaFallsSD Superintendent Jeffrey Holmes has just sent a second damage control letter to district families.

“As an initial matter, it is unfortunate when irresponsible, quasi-media personalities sensationalize these situations. Their comments are not… https://t.co/PjaF6VDgeG pic.twitter.com/1IrLfkI2et

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) February 8, 2024

The report’s release and the subsequent silence from the school district have sparked outrage and concern among parents and community members.

You can read the police report below via Steven Crowder:

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