Prepper Beef Company Starts Stockpiling Ribeye and NY Strip for Coming “Challenges”

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2024 is starting off as a challenging year for cattle ranchers in America and the domino effect will push those challenges even further, according to reports coming from across the nation. Costs of feed and resources are going up while weather conditions have not been conducive to ranching for nearly two years.

“We’re hearing it from just about everyone,” said Jason Nelson, Co-Founder of Prepper Beef. “They are paying more for everything they need and they are raising prices to match. But higher prices means lower demand as consumers seek alternatives.”

In an ideal scenario, it would be demand that drives prices. Things are not ideal. Not only are ranchers facing cost hikes that they’re partially passing onto consumers, but they’re also facing a slew of other challenges on the horizon. The push for “green” alternatives like lab-grown protein or bugs has prompted a rush on particular cuts of meat, particularly Ribeye and NY Strip.

“We are going to be stocking up as much as we can,” Nelson said, referring to Ribeye and NY Strip. “Since our beef is freeze dried with a 25-year shelf life, we have the luxury of getting it at today’s prices so we can continue to make it affordable for our customers who want to stockpile for the future.”

To make room in the warehouses for additional NY Strip and Ribeye, Prepper Beef is putting their Beef Steaks products on sale. With promo code “TGP15” our readers can take 15% off, whether it’s a 1-pack, 4-pack, or a variety pack.

“The original ‘Beef Steaks’ product is, oddly enough, my personal favorite,” Nelson said. “It’s a combination of Sirloin, Chuck, and other quality cuts and goes so well in stews that I open up one of those bags instead of the others when we need a quick meal.”

The preparedness community has been exploding since the beginning of 2021. Americans are concerned about the future, especially as it pertains to food and the economy. They see what’s happening at the southern border. They hear what’s being discussed in Davos. They don’t trust politicians and they aren’t sure if they can wait for better ones to take office… IF better ones are even allowed to take office.

Prepper Beef is an all-American, veteran-owned company based in the heart of Texas. Their cows are sourced directly from the ranches where they’re raised. This is important as most food companies in “Big Ag” are turning overseas to import their lower quality beef.

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Perhaps most importantly, Prepper Beef has vowed to never sell meat that has been injected with mRNA vaccines or that has been grown in a lab. Their beef will always grow in a pasture, not a petri dish.

“Look, we’re doing this for our families,” Nelson said. “We’re just doing it at a scale that allows us to sell it to other American families as well.”

Promo code “TGP15” will only be active until enough room is made in the warehouses. Take advantage of it today at Prepper Beef.

Prepper Beef’s survival products are cooked sous vide for maximum flavor and nutrition retention. It is then freeze dried and shipped in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to make it shelf-stable for 25-years. This is very different from dehydrated beef or jerky and is far superior. They only have one ingredient in their products: beef.

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