Trump Dominates Nevada Republican Caucuses, Secures Sweeping Delegate Victory

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Former President Donald Trump clinched a decisive victory in Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses on Thursday, marking his fourth consecutive win in state contests.

Trump was the sole major candidate to actively compete in Nevada, sweeping all 26 of the state’s delegates. This latest win edges Trump closer to the 1,215 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination.

Despite the importance of the Nevada caucuses in the race for the GOP nomination, Trump’s primary opponent, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, chose not to participate in the contest.

Haley’s campaign chose instead to focus on Nevada’s state-run presidential primary held last Tuesday, a race in which she was destroyed by “None of These Candidates” option.

In an interview with Elex Michaelson on The Issue is Show, neocon Nikki Haley publicly denounced the Nevada primary process, labeling it a “scam” and asserting it was “rigged from the start” to favor former President Donald Trump.

“I mean, Nevada, it’s such a scam. They were supposed to have a primary. Trump rigged it so that the GOP chairman, who’s been indicted, would go and create a caucus,” Hailey said.

“We knew months ago that we weren’t going to spend a day or a dollar in Nevada because it wasn’t worth it. And so, we didn’t even count Nevada. That wasn’t anything we were looking at. We knew that was rigged from the start. Our focus is on South Carolina, Michigan, Super Tuesday,” she added.

The GOP race now shifts to South Carolina for the primary on February 24th, which holds special significance for Haley. As a former two-term governor of the state, she is banking on her local connections to gain an advantage over Trump, who remains popular among South Carolina’s conservative base.

A Tyson Group survey released last month found Trump has 58 percent support in the South Carolina Republican primary race, while Haley has just 33 percent support.

President Trump has announced a “Get Out the Vote” rally on Saturday, February 10th, that will take place in Conway, SC, at Coastal Carolina University.

The President is scheduled to speak at 2 p.m. Eastern.

Trump announced the rally on Monday night on Truth Social.

This has been a very exciting Primary Season. The Iowa Caucus was won in Record Fashion, actually doubling up on the previous Record Holder, Bob Dole, and likewise New Hampshire, where I had the honor of getting more votes than anybody in the History of the New Hampshire Primary, Republican or Democrat. Hopefully, we will continue this string of Victories in Nevada, the Virgin Islands, and then, South Carolina, where I’ll also be holding a Big Rally to thank the people and Elected Officials for their tremendous support. We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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