“Trump Wins U.S. Virgin Islands GOP Caucus Amid Ranked-Choice Voting Debut

Source: NBC News

President Donald Trump has emerged victorious over neocon Nikki Haley with a staggering 74% to 26% lead, as reported by the U.S. Virgin Islands Republican Party on Thursday evening.

“Great news! As we are landing in Nevada, getting ready to go to Caucus, word just came that we overwhelmingly won the Virgin Islands Caucus, ALL Delegates, with almost 75% of the Vote,” Trump announced on Truth Social.

“I have just called to thank those involved. They are celebrating, and having a great time – They deserve it! This has been a very Big Day for your Favorite President, the Republican Party, and Democracy!”

Screenshot: Donald Trump/Truth Social

The U.S. Virgin Islands took a outrageous step by implementing ranked-choice voting in their GOP caucuses, a move that awarded four delegates and could reshape future primary elections.

According to CBS, “Under this system, voters select five candidates and rank them by preference. Here’s how the votes will be counted: the candidate who receives the fewest first-choice votes is eliminated, and his or her supporters’ votes are distributed among the remaining top four, based on voters’ next selections. That process of elimination and redistribution is repeated until two candidates remain and then, the candidate with the most votes wins.”

Dennis Lennox, the executive director of the Republican Party in the U.S. Virgin Islands, stated, “More states should absolutely have a voice in the process, and it shouldn’t just be Iowa and New Hampshire.”

“We created a fair and level playing field for each and every candidate,” said Lennox. “Ranked choice voting ensures there’s no such thing as a wasted vote, there’s no such thing as a spoiler candidate.”

In addition to the Virgin Islands, Wyoming Democrats are set to implement ranked-choice voting, joining Alaska and Maine, which have already embraced it for both primaries and general elections.

Alaska’s adoption of ranked-choice voting has sparked controversy, particularly following Democrat Mary Peltola’s win over Sarah Palin. She is the FIRST DEMOCRAT to win the House seat in solid red Alaska in 50 Years!

Ranked-choice voting and mail-in ballots were implemented by referendum in 2020. Republicans allowed this to happen. Now the state is likely lost forever to Democrat cheating and maneuvering.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Republicans in Alaska allowed ranked-choice voting to pass in 2020. This confusing system is only being pushed by RINOS and radicals in conservative red states. It allows Democrats to even the playing field when they have no chance of winning.

Republicans also allowed mail-in voting in the deep red state.

The outcome of Alaska’s Senate race, where incumbent Lisa Murkowski won over a Trump-endorsed opponent, also has been influenced by the ranked-choice voting system. Since neither candidate reached a majority in the first round, it went to a runoff, then Murkowski won due to ranked-choice voting.

In contrast, states like South Dakota and potentially Idaho are moving in the opposite direction. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem signed a bill in 2023 banning ranked choice voting, citing the strength and integrity of the state’s election system.

“South Dakota’s election laws are built with integrity. We have one of the best election systems in the nation,” Noem said in a statement. With laws such as SB 55, “we will further strengthen our fantastic system and provide accountability for the future.”

“In addition to South Dakota, Florida and Tennessee banned the use of RCV in state elections last year. On RCV ballots, voters rank their options rather than choosing only one. RCV tends to boost leftist candidates and often leads to confusing and even inaccurate election outcomes,” The Federalist reported.

Wisconsin has also joined the list of areas moving to prohibit ranked-choice voting, with Twin Constitutional Amendments introduced in both the state Assembly and Senate last month, receiving robust support from the Republican leadership.

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