WATCH: James O’Keefe Infiltrates Secret Illegal Alien Compound in Tucson, Arizona – Threatened With Arrest by Gestapo Sheriff’s Deputies

O’Keefe Media Group’s James O’Keefe on Wednesday released new video footage from his investigation into a secret illegal immigrant housing facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Busses that were filled with illegals rolled into the parking lot of the old hotel-turned illegal immigrant facility every 15 minutes, said O’Keefe.

O’Keefe was repeatedly told by law enforcement and security that it was none of his business who was on the bus.

More than 10 million illegals have been let into our country, transported, clothed, and housed at the expense of American citizens on Joe Biden’s watch. One Border Patrol agent at the Lukeville, Arizona border port of entry told The Gateway Pundit that illegals from all over the world turn themselves in at the ports of entry because they know they’ll be given a free pass on Biden’s invitation despite not qualifying for asylum or planning to work in America. “It doesn’t matter,” said the agent.

O’Keefe dressed as a homeless vagrant on the street outside the Ramada Inn in Tucson, where illegals are being housed, in order to obtain information. However, police officers, security, and Sheriff’s deputies did not say what was going on and later threatened to arrest him.

Watch below:

This interaction between @JamesOKeefeIII and @PimaSheriff is a MUST WATCH

Credit: @OKeefeMedia

— R.C. Maxwell (@BlackHannity) February 8, 2024

O’Keefe also put a hidden camera on what he called a “Mexican illegal immigrant whistleblower” named Ceasar, who went inside the housing facility and discovered

“They get paid no matter what. They rather have more of us here. More money for them,” said one illegal immigrant housed at the facility, according to the video’s transcript. The immigrant also told Ceasar that gang members were traveling in the caravans, and the Casa Alitas program in Tucson was providing them with airplane tickets. “They will ask about gang tattoos, but Border Patrol still lets those people in,” the illegal said to Ceasar.

The illegal immigrant further shared that he would be bussed by the organization to the airport to catch his flight to another part of the country.

Casa Alitas is a a humanitarian aid project committed to helping asylum-seekers in Tucson, Arizona, after ICE and Border Patrol releases them into detention, according to their webpage. The group is a subsidiary of the globalists at Catholic Community Services.

Journalist Ashley St. Clair spoke to a taxi driver in Tucson who told her that Casa Alitas doesn’t treat the immigrants well. “I hear from them, they scare them,” the taxi driver added.

Another journalist, Nick Shirley, was badgered and nearly attacked by an employee of the organization, who told him to “get the f*ck out of here” and called him a “weird ass motherf*cker.”

James O’keefe, dressed as a homeless man, was told by a security guard, “I don’t have to tell you anything,” before James’ disguise came off. O’Keefe was then accosted by the police, who lied and acted like they had no idea what was going on in their jurisdiction, then threatened to arrest him for reporting on the crimes perpetrated by our federal government.

Here are the four officers who harassed James O’Keefe in defense of the Fed’s human smuggling operation in Arizona:

Watch below via O’Keefe Media Group:

This secret operation is funded by Catholic Community Services of Tucson and enriches groups like, “Las Palmas.”

O’Keefe disguised himself as a homeless drunk vagrant and Mexican illegals wore hidden cameras to gain entrance inside. @stclairashley @nickshirleyy caught on tape Police confirming refugees are “lying about sponsors.”

Here, Casa Alitas migrants are brought to the Ramada Inn where breakfast, lunch, hygienic services, and free wifi is offered.

Migrants shared with one of our undercover journalists that NGOs, “Get paid no matter what.”

Our undercover journalist confirms with a migrant that they have seen many gang members come through in caravans. The migrant tells us that Border Patrols suspect gang members but they still let them pass through, “They will ask about gang tattoos but Border Patrol still lets those people in.”

@stclairashley interviewed a taxi driver while posing as a local ministry outreach member, and discovered that Catholic Community Services, “…give them (migrants) services but don’t treat them well. They scare them.” The taxi driver works with the migrant population on a regular basis.
O’Keefe asks Deputy Carter, “…is that bus filled with illegal immigrants?” At that moment as migrant buses pulled up directly behind Carter, he responded stating, “Sir, I’m not on the bus”.

Officers involved in our Ramada coverage.

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) February 7, 2024

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