Democrat Operative Paul Begala Says Biden’s TV Address Was so Bad it Made Him ‘Wet the Bed’ (VIDEO)

Former Bill Clinton staffer and Democrat strategist Paul Begala said on CNN this week that Biden’s televised address was so bad that he ‘wet the bed.’

He said that it was awful and that everyone knows how bad this is for Democrats.

He then offered his advice to Biden which was to go on daily attacks against Trump, naturally. That’s not going to turn things around for Biden, though. He did so much damage to himself this week. He confirmed what the report said. He is too old and his memory is shot.

FOX News reports:

Ex-Clinton aide says he ‘wet the bed’ over special counsel’s report on Biden: ‘Terrible for Democrats’

Former Bill Clinton strategist and CNN political commentator Paul Begala admitted Friday that Special Counsel Robert Hur’s indictment of President Biden’s memory and Biden’s response was “terrible for Democrats,” joking he “wet the bed” over it.

Begala, a Biden supporter, quipped on CNN Friday that he did not sleep well over all the bedwetting he did in response to Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents.

The findings of the report revealed Biden willfully retained classified U.S. documents as a private citizen, but charges were not recommended against the 46th president over his actions, partly because he would have a defense at trial as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”…

Begala lamented the report and Biden’s response to it. He began, quipping, “Oh yeah. Look, I’m a Biden supporter, and I slept like a baby last night: I woke up every two hours crying and wet the bed.”

“This is terrible for Democrats. And anybody with a functioning brain knows that,” he declared.

Watch the video below:

CNN’s Paul Begala on Joe Biden’s press conference performance:

“I slept like a baby last night. I woke up every 2 hours & wet the bed. This is terrible for Democrats…”

Begala then takes a shot at Biden for not knowing when he was vice

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) February 9, 2024

Democrats are deeply worried about Biden after this week and they have very good reasons to feel that way.

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